Jesus Christ as a Young Person Lesson #1 : Jesus and His Parents

Jesus Christ as a Young Person : Lesson #1

Jesus and His Parents (Luke 2:1-52)

In this study we are going to look at several lessons that deal with the Lord Jesus Christ as a young person. There is very limited scripture on this topic and most of the scripture we use will come from Luke chapter 2. One of the main purposes of this study is to help young people connect with the Lord Jesus Christ. Many times we as humans forget all about the human side of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many teenagers who are trying to live for the Lord Jesus Christ never even consider that Jesus Christ was once a teenager or that he probably faced many of the same problems and situations that they face today. Also this study should help us to see that sometimes there is way more in the word of God than we think.

Introduction :

When we look at the early life of the Lord Jesus Christ we do not find much scripture relating to things that happened to him as a child. But by putting the Gospels together we can see some of the basic things about his childhood.

  • His Parents were Mary and Joseph. Now we know that Joseph was not his real father because Jesus was the virgin born son of God, but for the people around him growing up they thought that Joseph was his father. (Luke 2:27,41)
  • He grew up in Nazareth. (Luke 2:39)
  • He also had brothers and sisters. Mary and Joseph had children together after the Jesus was born. (Mark 6:3 ; Psalms 69:8-9)

From these things we see that Jesus knows what it is like to have parents, sisters, brothers and also neighbors who knew him as a child. Therefore he can relate to the same things that many of our young people relate to.

Jesus’ Parents :

The main part of this lesson will deal with the parents of the Lord Jesus Christ. Here we will show 4 main things about his parents that should help young people appreciate and understand the relationship that they have with their parents.

1)  His parents were concerned about serving God (Luke 2:21-24, 39)

  • If you are a child that has parents who are concerned about serving the Lord you should count that as a blessing and not a burden. Many times the only reason that children and especially teenagers go to church is because their parents make them. And even though they do not appreciate it now they will later.
  • What parents and young people must realize is that this is not an option for the parents this is their duty and obligation according to the word of the Lord (Proverbs 22:6 ; Ephesians 6:1-4).
  • Jesus understood that fact and never do we see him complain or disobey. So remember kids it is your parent’s duty to drag you to church even if they have to do it with you kicking and screaming all the way.

2)  His parents were faithful in serving God (Luke 2:41)

  • This verse says that they went to the feast of the Passover every year. This shows their faithfulness.
  • Many times kids wish that their parents were not as faithful in serving God. Many say why do we need to go to church every time the doors are opened. Remember what the word of God says about faithfulness. The first requirement of stewardship is faithfulness (1 Corinthians 4:1-2).
  • Remember parents that God has given you charge over those kids and he expects faithfulness. Also what you show your kids whether it is faithfulness or occasional faithfulness or no faithfulness that is usually what they will do when they are grown.

3)  His parents made mistakes (Luke 2:41-49)

  • This passage of scripture is where Jesus’ parents accidentally leave him at the temple in Jerusalem.  Note that when they find him they blamed him for what had happened    (verse 48). Note also that they did not understand him when he tried to explain it to them (verses 49-50).
  • If you are a teenager you need to realize that Jesus had earthly parents that were capable of making a mistake even though he was sinless. Sometimes your parents are going to make mistakes; sometimes you will be blamed when it is not your fault or misunderstood when you tried to explain something. But note that Jesus did not get mad, nor did he have a temper tantrum. He did not tell them he hated them or that they were the worst parents on the planet as many of you do.
  • Some of the kids will say that I am not perfect like Jesus was but that is all the more reason to give your parents a break because just as you make mistakes they are going to make mistakes.

4)  His parents sorrowed over him (Luke 2:48)

  • Even if it is the parents fault they are going to sorrow over how you turn out or what happens to you.
  • Young person you should read Proverbs 10:1 and realize that one day you will be a parent and think about how you are acting now.

Jesus’ Reaction to his parents :

In Luke 2:51 the word of God says that he was subject unto his parents. This is every young person’s responsibility to be subject to their parents (Ephesians 6:1-3) and this is the example that Jesus left. Note the following things:

  • Even though Jesus was God manifest in the flesh he was subject to his parents.
  • Even though Jesus knew more than his parents he was subject to them.
  • Even though his parents made mistakes he was subject unto his parents.
  • Even though his parents misunderstood him he was subject unto his parents.

Young people you must be subject unto your Parents!!!

Jesus Christ as a Young Person : Lesson #1 Handout

Jesus and His Parents (Luke 2:1-52)

1)  Give references for showing that Jesus Christ had brothers and sisters.

2)  Where did Jesus Christ grow up?

3)  List 4 things that we see about Jesus’ Parents and give a brief explanation of why they are important.

4)  In what verse do we see Jesus reaction to his parents and why is this important for us?

5)  List the main reference for us to be subject unto our parents.