Interested in Just One, Mk 5:22-34

In Mark 5:22-34, Jesus encounters a woman with an issue of blood on his way to Jairus’ house.  He is surrounded by a crowd of people and Jairus’ daughter is in need of immediate attention.  This is not the time for an interruption.  Nevertheless, when the woman touches Jesus’ garment and is healed, Jesus stops to find out who she is.  This episode in his ministry shows us that:

God is interested in people, not numbers.  Preachers are too concerned with the size of the crowd, v. 24.  Much people thronged Jesus.  People often say when they are in a large church that they can hide in the crowd.  You can hide from the preacher.  You can’t hide from the Lord. 

The Lord is interested in just one person.  There was a certain woman, v. 25.  After preaching sometimes, people will say that “it was like you were just preaching to me.”  Actually, I was preaching the word and the Lord was preaching to you.  It doesn’t matter to the Lord how many people are here.   He is interested in the individuals, v.30-32.  In Lk 15:4, he leaves 99 sheep to find 1 which is lost.

God is interested in your life.  v.26.  This woman had suffered with an issue of blood for 12 years, v.25.  She spent all that she had, she was nothing better, and she grew worse.  God knew these details of her life but didn’t intervene.  He waited until just the right moment to help her.  Not only was she healed, but she was also saved.

God is interested in you.  v.32-34.  A relationship with Jesus is personal.  It matters to him that you are here.  In Acts 2:41, 3,000 were saved.  In Acts 3:2, a certain man was healed.  And the Lord saved him.  In Acts 8:27, the Lord said, “behold a man.”  This was one man on the way back to Ethiopia.  God called Phillip away from the great revival in Samaria to deal with just one man.  And the Lord saved him.  Jesus dealt with this woman in Mk 5 and didn’t forget that he was going to Jairus’ house.  Even though his daughter died while the woman with the issue of blood detained him, Jesus raised her from the dead.  He never forgets about the one.

Conclusion: If you are here without Christ today, he wants to save you.  You’re the one who matters to him now.  If you are backslidden he wants to help you greet right with him.  If you find that your ministry only deals with one sinner, it’s okay.  God is interested in just one.