If Sinners Entice Thee

If Sinners Entice Thee

To entice someone is to incite or instigate by exciting hope or desire; usually in a bad sense; to entice one to evil, to seduce; to lead astray; to induce to sin by promises or persuasions. In this passage Solomon clearly shows the promises and persuasions of being enticed. Don’t confuse being enticed with a normal temptation to sin, in this passage there are some really bad stuff going on. You may some day be enticed to commit some really bad sin, let’s look at what Solomon had to say.

Consider the Source
• [Verse 10] “if sinners entice thee” If you are tempted to commit some sin, consider the source. There are only two families in this world, God’s family and the Devil’s, [Jn.8:44] If the source is not from God’s family, could be a red flag!
• [Prov.2:10-15] some folks rejoice to do evil
• [Prov.19:27] Consider the source of your instruction
• [Verse 11-12] There was no deception in their tongue!
• When you are enticed, you are not deceived, you know what is going on and count the cost, maybe.

Consider the Promises
• If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
• [Verse 13-14] they promise great gain!
• [1Cor.2:4] They use enticing words
• [Prov.13:11] Gotten by vanity, not good.
• Get rich scams end badly
• Many times, you will be enticed by the pleasure you experienced in the past at that very sin, God was longsuffering and didn’t punish you [Ecc.8:11], so now you are drawn away by your own lust, [James 1:14-16]

Choose the Truth
• [Ps.1:1] God will bless you every time you choose the truth.
• [Prov.1:10] Consent thou not! Your choice.