Identity – Who Are You?

Identity – Who Are You?

Gal. 3:26-29


As far as your identity, this passage tells the truth of the matter. You are a child of God. But who are you really? Your identity is what you spend most of your time and effort on. Do you spend that time and effort on being a child of God? The honest answer is probably no.

Your identity is formed by who’s child you are by your physical birth. You are …’s son or daughter.

Then as you grow and interact with others, your identity is defined by what group you hang with. This really begins to show in High School.

As you are today, your identity is defined by what groups you hang with but also you are struggling with the task of defining your own identity.

You are part of a group, if saved you are part of the body of Christ. Just by being in this Sunday school class, people tag you with a certain identity. Some of you are just playing a part, or acting. Jesus called out some folks that were acting one way, while really being another.

[Matt.23:23-28] The Pharisees were hypocrites, appeared one way outwardly and different inwardly. Who are you? God knows, and he just wants you to be who you are. He took you as you are, and loves you too much to leave you that way.

We all struggle with the desires of this world, careers, relationships, wealth, security, and happiness. We all have goals and things that we really want to accomplish. Please realize that God Knows this.

[Matt.6:24-34] There is a very profound and simple truth in this passage. Seek the things of God FIRST and all these things will be added unto you.


I have been reading a book about “Grit”. This is a term that is defined by two elements:

Passion– the amount of desire or love you have for something

Persistence – the amount of non-stop effort applied

The combination of these two elements is what makes most folks succeed in reaching their goals.

  1. Is being a great child of God a passion of yours? [Matt.25:21]
  2. Are you willing to be persistent? [Phil. 3:1-21]