Hypocritical Mockers, Ps 35:11-16


Ps 35:11-16 describes some things that happened to Jesus during his earthly ministry.  In Ps 35:11, David prophesied of the false witnesses that rose up against him.  In Ps 35:12 he wrote, “They rewarded me evil for good.”  Ps 35:13-14 describes Jesus’ humble and helpful attitude toward their sickness.  Ps 35:15 says, “in mine adversity they rejoiced, and gathered themselves together.”  Ps 35:16 says, “With hypocritical mockers in feasts, they gnashed upon me with their teeth.”  We want to preach about the hypocritical mockers tonight.

Hypocritical mockers project – Matt 12:24 – to project is to attribute one’s own attitudes to other people.  Projection is a defense mechanism whereby individuals attribute characteristics unacceptable in themselves to another person.  

The Pharisees accused Jesus Christ of casting out devils by Beelzebub the prince of the devils, Matt 12:24.  When he questioned why they were trying to kill him, they replied, “Thou hast a devil; who goeth about to kill thee,” Jn 7:20?  They accused him again of having a devil in Jn 8:48 and Jn 8:52.  Jesus correctly denied their accusation in Jn 8:49.  They even accused John the Baptist of having a devil, Lk 7:33.  In truth, they were the ones who were full of the devil, Jn 8:44.

In Mk 14:61-64, at Jesus’ trial the high priest asked Jesus if he was the Christ.  When Jesus said, “I am,” the high priest replied, “Ye have heard the blasphemy.”  In Jn 10:33 the Jews confessed that they wanted to stone Jesus “for blasphemy.”  In fact, the ones who were guilty of blasphemy were the scribes and Pharisees who were accusing Jesus of having an unclean spirit, Matt 12:31-32; Mk 3:28-30.  In both cases, they projected their problem with the devil on to Jesus.  This is the same thing that you see happening today.  For example, you have protesters called “antifa” who presumably oppose fascism.  Yet, they are the fascists.

Hypocritical mockers lie – Jn 8:55 – when Jesus spoke with the Pharisees, he called them liars.  Notice, at his trial, they weren’t looking for witnesses.  They were looking for false witnesses, Matt 26:59-61, witnesses that would lie.  This is what Jezebel did against Naboth, 1 Ki 21:9-13.  This is what the Jews did to Stephen, Acts 6:12-13.  Hypocritical mockers will say whatever they need to say to get their way.  Truth is not their concern.  

Hypocritical mockers reap – Acts 3:14 – the Jews desired a murderer, when they falsely accused Jesus.  And they’ll get a murderer, Jn 8:44, to rule over them, Rev 13:15, in the Tribulation.  They said they had no king but Caesar, Jn 19:15, when they rejected Jesus, the king of the Jews.  And they’ll get the man of sin as their king, 2 Thes 2:3, during the Tribulation.  Hypocritical mockers will get the very thing they say they’re against. 

Conclusion: None of these things that the Jews did in Jesus’ day have ceased.  Hypocritical mockers use the same techniques today in our country.  When they accuse, they are projecting.  When they speak, they lie, and they will reap.  None of this will get straightened out until Jesus Christ, the rightful King of kings and Lord of lords, returns to rule over this earth.  Even so, come, Lord Jesus!!