Humble Prayer and Supplication, 1 Ki 8:54

Today we begin a short series on prayer and supplication.  These words occasionally appear together in your Bible.  And in the verses where they appear, we see an interesting truth unfold.  There are some things that you can do WITH prayer and supplication whereby you know that God has heard your prayer.  This sermon is about humble prayer and supplication.

In 2 Chr 7:14 the Lord said that if his people would humble themselves and pray… then he would hear from heaven.  When you humble yourself in prayer and supplication, you know that the Lord hears your prayer.

One of the ways to humble yourself in prayer is to kneel.  Your prostration before the Lord demonstrates your humility in his presence, if you’re not just kneeling to be seen.

When Solomon prayed his prayer of dedication before the Lord in 1 Ki 8, he was kneeling, 1 Ki 8:54.  Remembering the part of Solomon’s prayer in 1 Ki 8:44-52 that concerns captivity, Daniel kneeled upon his knees three times a day in prayer, Dan 6:10.  Notice Daniel’s humility in Dan 9:5, 17-23, and the Lord’s reply to his prayer.  The Lord heard him and answered.

In Matt 17:14-15 the man with a lunatic son kneeled before the Lord when he made his request and the Lord healed his son.  In Mk 1:40-42 the leper seeking to be clean kneeled before the Lord and the Lord healed him.  Then, in Lk 22:41-43 Jesus kneeled in Gethsemane and the Lord sent an angel to strengthen him.  And in Acts 9:36-40, Peter kneeled down before Tabitha when he prayed for the Lord to raise her and she lived.

Therefore, remember to humble yourself when you make your prayer and supplication before the Lord.  And if kneeling helps you to humble yourself and pray more earnestly to the Lord, then by all means, do it.

Gypsy Smith was saved as a young boy and he was burdened for his uncle to be saved, as well.  He couldn’t speak to his uncle about the Lord, because of his youth, but he could and did pray.  One day his uncle inquired why Gypsy’s trousers were worn out in the knees.  And Gypsy replied that they were worn out from praying for his uncle to be saved.  His uncle called upon the Lord to save him that day.  Humble prayer and supplication works.

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