How’s Your Countenance?

How’s Your Countenance?

Genesis 4:5

                Cain’s countenance fell. He revealed on the outside, his attitude problem that was on the inside. How’s your countenance?  Are there problems on the inside of you that you try to hide on the outside? You have probably heard the term “poker face”, meaning a face that does not reveal the joy or despair contained in your cards. Many of us go through the day trying to fool others with our countenance.

[Isa. 3:9] “The shew of their countenance doth witness against them” It  will tell on you!

[Neh. 2:1-3] “Why is thy countenance sad, …this is nothing else but sorrow of heart…” It  told on him, and it revealed a condition of his heart.

The Condition of your heart determines your countenance.

[Prov.15:13] “A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance…”

Like a computer trash in, trash out. Your heart is the same; a beautiful countenance is evidence of a beautiful heart. Fix the inside problems!!!

[1 Sam.25:3] Abigail, [1 Sam.16:12] David, both had a beautiful countenance, the Lord knew it because he looketh on the heart, [1 Sam16:7]


Others notice a change in your countenance      (A Warning sign)

[Gen. 4:5-6]  Cain’s “…fell” because of anger, maybe shame

[Gen. 31:1-5] Laban’s not “as before”, trust, anger, envy”

[Neh.2:1-3] Changed because of sadness then fear

[Dan.5:6-9] changed because of trouble

[Matt.6:16] Faked

[Prov.27:17] We should help improve each other’s; the closer you are the more you notice.