How to Reprove

II Tim 4:2-4 Giving Reproof CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The scripture exhorts preachers to reprove as part of preaching.  To reprove is to reprimand.  Synonyms are criticize, rebuke, scold, tell off, and admonish [warn].  Preachers are to  reprove, the words of God reprove [2 Tim 3:16], the Spirit of God reproves [Jn 16:8], and the Lord God reproves [1 Chr 16:21, Prov 30:6, Is 11:4].  So, if these reprove, then there must be reproof [Prov 6:23] and there must be an excellent pattern for reproof.

Don’t Apologize – Jn 16:9-11, get to the point immediately – say what needs to be said and move on – Matt 3:7-12, Lk 24:25-27, Matt 16:22-23 [the Lord and Peter’s friendship survived this]

Don’t Argue – Job 6:25 once the argument starts the reproof is lost – now it’s just a matter of each of you justifying your position by criticizing the other

Don’t Be Afraid – Prov 19:25 – the reproof might hurt and he may not like it at first, but it will make him better and you shouldn’t be afraid of that

Don’t Assume – Is 11:3-4, Jn 7:24 – it is commonly said that perception is reality – how a thing looks or souinds TO YOU may not be the way it is – so, you have to know the facts and you have to know how they are viewed in scripture

Don’t React – Prov 9:7, Prov 26:4 – it is very easy to let your emotions get involved – you can’t do this – you have to be calm and you have to be prepared for Prov 29:1 – can you live with that?

Be Wise – Prov 25:12 – to be a wise reprover, you need the following four things at a minimum: prayer, Bible, counsel and patience