How Is Your Spiritual Compass? Prov. 8:27

How’s Your Spiritual Compass Prov. 8:27 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In this verse we see that God placed a compass upon the face of the depth. When we think about the word compass we think of the device that we use for direction. The word does have several other meanings but we use it this way for the purpose of this sermon. In this sermon we will study some scripture concerning creation and the deep and then make a spiritual application for us in regards to looking up and keeping our compass pointed in the right direction.

When we look at creation especially the recreation of the earth we see that on day two (Genesis 1:6-8), God created a firmament and called it Heaven. Above this firmament there is water and under this firmament there is water. On Day three (Genesis 1:9-13), he brought the land forth from the water that was under the firmament. On Day four (Genesis 1:14-19) God created the Sun, Moon and the Stars. He placed them in the firmament called heaven.Therefore it is plain to see that there is water out there above our solar system this water is referred to as the deep. Below are some verses that speak of this water.

Psalm 148:4 (water that is above the heavens)

Psalm 29:3 (God is upon the waters)

Psalm 104:2-3 (the beams of God’s chambers are in the waters)

Job 38:8 (the face of the deep is frozen)

  • This is why John sees a sea of glass before the throne in Revelation.

In Psalm 75:6-7 we see that God replaces the direction of north with himself. Therefore God is north. This is why every compass points north. It is trying to show man the direction of God, and it is up above the solar system. The problem is there is one who stands in the way and tries to get people to look at him and not God. This is none other than Satan.  (Isaiah 14:13 ; Job 41:31-32 ; Ezekiel 8:3,5,14)

What can we as saved people do with this information?

The answer is simple follow your spiritual compass and look up. Below we will look at some verses that deal with the phrase look up.

1)  Satan wants to hammer you (Psalm 40:2)

  • Every compass contains a magnetized needle. If you hammer on something that is magnetized it will lose its magnetism.
  • This is what Satan loves to do with us is use things to hammer on us so that our compass doesn’t point up.

2)  We must pray then look up (Psalm 5:3)

  • David says that he will pray and look up. Many times we pray and ask for help then look everywhere else for the solution.

3)  Look to the source of our redemption (Luke 21:28)

  • The doctrinal context of the passage is tribulation of course but we can make a spiritual application that our savior which is Jesus is in heaven and we should look to him for everything (Hebrews 12:1-4).