Hezekiah Prospered, 2 Ki 18:5-7

In 2 Ki 18:7 we read the following about Hezekiah, “And the Lord was with him; and he prospered whithersoever he went forth.”  In the context of this verse, verses 5 and 6, we find why he prospered.  He prospered because he trusted the Lord, he clave to the Lord and he followed the Lord.  If we will do the same things he did, we will prosper in our Christian lives.  To prosper here is to flourish and succeed.  Hezekiah prospered because:

He trusted the Lord – 2 Ki 18:5 – Any faithful Christian will say that he trusts the Lord.  However, in our affluent society, there are many other things that we trust and we are not even aware of how much we trust them.  We trust our health, our wealth, our steady employment, our insurance, our access to information, and so forth.  Thus, we don’t wholly trust the Lord.  Prov 3:5-6 shows us that we must fully trust the Lord.  Daily and moment by moment we should look to the Lord for grace, strength, sustenance, direction, protection and all other things in our lives.  We should trust the Lord like the woman who took care of Elijah.  Daily she looked to the Lord for that day’s supply.

He clave to the Lord – 2 Ki 18:6 – to cleave to the Lord is to adhere to him firmly and closely; to adhere to him loyally and unwaveringly.  When I was saved as a teenager, I didn’t cleave to the Lord.  Around other Christians I behaved.  But I had other friends who weren’t Christians and who didn’t know that I was a Christian.  Around them I was “myself.”  And I got into trouble.  When we cleave to the Lord we don’t let anything get between us and the Lord.  We are stuck to him like glue, with no air bubbles between the surfaces.

He followed the Lord – 2 Ki 18:6 – you can’t see or feel or hear the Lord to follow him.  So, you follow what he said in his words.  That’s what Hezekiah did.  He “departed not from following him, but kept his commandments.”  Look at Jos 1:8.  The words are in your mouth.  You meditate upon them day and night.  You observe to do according to all that is written therein.  Then your way is prosperous and then you have good success.

Conclusion: if you will wholly trust the Lord, cleave to the Lord and follow the Lord, you will prosper in your Christian life.  It’s pretty simple, really.