Help, Lord Ps. 12


Help, Lord

Psalm 12

Help, Lord. David probably had personal experience with the things written in this psalm. As we walk in the world around us, we too experience these things. This passage has a Tribulation context, yet we can be helped by a present-day application. Here on a Wednesday night, you have just stepped out of the world around you and into a sanctuary, your church. Let us look at the things that are out there.


Verse 1

  • “the godly man ceaseth” – you don’t exist! Godly men do not get exalted, they get put down.
  • The News media exalts the vilest of men –
  • Verse 8, Our present condition proves this verse correct!!!!!
  • Only the fallen “godly men” get news coverage – Jimmy Swaggart’s, Jim Bakker’s
  • Only the false “godly men” get news coverage – Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen…
  • The godly man has ceased from the home, and probably is the most important factor.
  • Pray for your Pastor, he is a godly man, we are very blessed


  • “the faithful fail”
  • Faithfulness can’t be taught. Many a time we have need of a person to fill a position. We have made the mistake of allowing a person to fill the job with the hopes that the offer of the position will make them faithful. It never works.
  • [Prov.20:6] they are hard to find
  • [2Tim.2:2] that are needed to pass it on, we are trying to raise up faithful men in this church.


Verse 2

  • “they speak vanity”
  • [2 Pet.2:17-18] great swelling words – allure you. The world is constantly alluring you away.
  • [Prov.19:27] cause you to err, you have the truth in your KJV Bible


  • “Flattering Lips”
  • [Jude 14-16] for advantage The devil will use flattery for an advantage (Illustration)

Fanny Crosby To Shun Flatterer

Before 1840 my friends had nearly spoiled me with their praises. At least I began to feel my own importance as a poet a little too much.

So the superintendent, Mr. Jones, thought something ought to be done to curb such rising vanity. One morning after breakfast I was summoned to the office. It was an impressive occasion, and I remember what Mr. Jones said almost word for word:

“Fanny, I am sorry you have allowed yourself to be carried away by what others have said about your verses. True, you have written a number of poems of real merit; but how far do they fall short of the standard that you might attain.

“Shun a flatterer, Fanny, as you would a viper; for no true friend would deceive you with words of flattery. Remember that whatever talent you possess belongs wholly to God. You ought to give Him the credit for all that you do.”

Then the dear man said to me, “Fanny, have I wounded your feelings?” Something within me bore witness that Mr. Jones spoke the truth. So I answered,

“No, sir. On the contrary, you have talked to me like a father, and I thank you very much for it.”

In years afterward I gradually came to realize that his advice was worth more than the price of rubies.


  • “double heart”
  • [Eph.6:5] – No love of Christ
  • [Col.3:22] – No Fear of God


Verse 3

  • The Lord shall cut off:
  • “flattering lips”
  • “tongue that speaketh proud things”
  • [Matt.12:36-37] Judgement day is coming



Verse 4

  • No Authority
  • “with our tongue we shall prevail”
    • Talking heads on the news, in congress, etc.
    • Washington is not going to fix your problems
  • “our lips are our own”
    • No authority, My opinion counts!
    • Because I believe it, it’s true –
  • “who is lord over us?”
    • [Ex.5:2] Pharaoh, bad mistake

Webster Reared On Bible

Webster testified: “If there be anything in my style or thoughts to be commended, the credit is due to my kind parents for instilling into my mind an early love for the Scriptures. From the time that, at my mother’s feet or on my father’s knee, I learned to lisp verses from the Sacred Writings they have been my daily study.

“The older I grow and the more I read the Holy Scriptures, the more reverence I have for them and the more I am convinced that they are not only the best guide for the conduct of this life, but the foundation of all hope respecting the future state.

“If we abide by the principles taught in the Bible, our country will go on prospering. But if we and our posterity neglect its instructions and authority, no man can tell how sudden a catastrophe may overwhelm us and bury all our glory in profound obscurity.”

—Daniel Webster

Verse 5

  • “I will arise, … I will set him in safety”
  • Through our oppression and sighing, we have a sanctuary (preserve)
  • It’s God’s words


Verse 6

  • Pure words
    • Can purify [Eph.5:26] washing of the word
    • Pure people are attracted to purity [Ps.119:140] Do you love it?
    • Not corrupted, [2 cor.2:17]
  • Tried
    • Tested, time tested, no errors

Verse 7

  • Lord shall keep (them) changed to us in other versions
    • All His promises are in writing
  • Lord shall preserve them
    • You have God’s words
    • [2 Tim.3:15] they had copies, co do we!