Hell Luke 16:19-31 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

It helps us, as we go through this message, to know that our souls have a bodily shape.  The rich man and Lazarus, after they were buried, went to hell and to Abraham’s bosom, respectively, and we can see them with eyes, fingers, tongues, senses, and voices.  So, if you go to hell, your soul is alive here’s what it will be like.  Hell is a place of:

Torment – v.23-25 – Rev 14:9-11 – you will experience great pain, anguish, suffering and agony.  There is not one bit of relief for the pain.

Separation – v.23 – the rich man could see Abraham “afar off” – in v.26, they were separated by a great gulf – they could see each other but they could not go to each other.

Tears – v.24 – the rich man “cried” – there is no mercy in hell – mercy is now or never – the Bible describes is as “weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth.”

Fire – v.24 – the rich man referred to the flame; he wanted Lazarus to cool his tongue – Mk 9 describes it as hell fire.

Regret – v.28-31 – the rich man regretted that his brothers were going there and we should regret that our friends, relatives and neighbors will go there without Christ.  We need to tell them.

Conclusion: Rich men go there, good men go there [Lk 18], and religious men go there [Mat23:33].  The only people who don’t go there are people saved by Jesus Christ.