Hasty Conclusions

Hasty Conclusions



Your Bible has many things to say about drawing hasty conclusions. In this passage, Solomon warns us of some things not to do and some consequences of drawing a hasty conclusion.

Before you draw a conclusion:


  1. Get as close as possible to the source and get the FACTS.
    1. Verse 9, debate thy cause with thy neighbor thyself. [Matt.18:15]- Alone
    2. Never make a conclusion at “first report”, they are seldom correct. [2 Sam.13:30]
    3. Be very careful of your “own conceit”, meaning your conceptions, understanding, opinions, or imaginations. [Prov.18:11, 26:5, 12,16, 28:11] They all can be wrong!
    4. [Prov.18:13] produces folly and shame, [Prov.20:25] Inquire after vows! what a mess!



  1. Before the FACTS are confirmed, never share the information or your opinion with anyone else.
    1. Verse 9. Discover not a secret to another
    2. [Prov.29:20] there is more hope of a fool than of him, hasty in his words
    3. [Prov.29:11] a wise man keepeth it till afterwards, identifies you as a fool
    4. [Prov.17:27-28] counted wise
    5. [James 1:19-20] Quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath


  1. Consequences of hasty conclusions
    1. You are put to shame, your neighbor makes a fool of you

Verse 10, put the to shame, and thy infamy (evil report) turn not away, lasting effect

Preventive Practices

  • [Rom.12:3] Watch what you think of yourself, are you conceited? (having a flattering opinion of one’s self)
  • [1 Cor.4:6] Are you Puffed up? (full of pride)
  • [Gal.6:3-4] don’t have a true perspective of who you are, you are a full-time job!
  • [Prov. 25:6-7] have you elevated yourself?



Stay Humble, open minded, and searching for the truth first.