Happy Are Thy Men, 1 Ki 10:7-8



In 1 Ki 10, the queen of Sheba visited Solomon because she had heard of his fame concerning the name of the Lord, 1 Ki 10:1.  When she saw his grandeur, “there was no more spirit in her,” 1 Ki 10:5.  Some, today, might say that she was “blown away.”  She had heard about all this when she was in her own land, 1 Ki 10:6.  However, what she saw was at least twice as good as what she had been told, 1 Ki 10:7.  

In 1 Ki 10:7-8 the queen of Sheba described what she saw.  And her description of Solomon and his men reminds me of our relationship to Jesus Christ as his “men.”  The queen said, “Happy are thy men.”  Their happiness impressed her.  Likewise, as the Lord’s “men,” our happiness should be a testimony to those who see us.  Happy are thy men:

Who see the Lord’s prosperity – 1 Ki 10:7 – the queen of Sheba said, “I believed not the words, until I came, and mine eyes had seen it: and, behold, the half was not told me: thy wisdom and prosperity exceedeth the fame which I heard.”  Like the queen of Sheba, we have come to “see” that the Lord’s wisdom and prosperity exceed the testimonies we had heard about him from others.  We have come to agree with Paul that he “is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,” Eph 3:20.  When we see the Lord’s prosperity extended on our behalf, we are happy.  And our happiness is a testimony to others that our King Jesus is the greatest king of all.

Who serve the Lord – 1 Ki 10:8 – the queen of Sheba said, “happy are these thy servants.”  As servants of the King of kings and Lord of lords, we serve the greatest king this world will ever know.  What a privilege to serve King Jesus.  After all, we are only in this world to be a servant of Jesus Christ.  We are the happiest Christians when whatsoever we do, we do heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men, Col 3:23.  

If you haven’t experienced this happiness for yourself, then try this.  Start loving your wife just because your King said to love her as he loves you and as he loves the church.  Start being submissive to your husband just because your King said to submit yourself to your husband as the church is submissive to him.  Start obeying your parents just because your King said for children to obey their parents in the Lord.  Start working for your boss as unto the Lord just because your King said to be obedient unto them as unto him.  You’ll find a happiness in serving King Jesus this way that you have never known before.  There is real joy in serving the Lord.

Who stand before the Lord – 1 Ki 10:8 – the queen of Sheba said, “which stand continually before thee.”  As the Lord’s servants, we are seated together “in heavenly places in Christ Jesus,” Eph 2:6.  Therefore, we have continual access to our King, Eph 2:18; Heb 4:16.  Continually, every day and every moment throughout the day, we can come before the Lord in fellowship and prayer.  Like Moses and Elijah, “the two anointed ones, that stand by the Lord of the whole earth,” Zech 4:14, we can stand before the Lord.  Like the third stanza of “I Am Thine, O Lord” says, “Oh the pure delight of a single hour, That before thy throne I spend, When I kneel in prayer, and with thee, my God, I commune as friend with friend!”  Start spending more time before the Lord; you’ll see what I mean.

Who hear the Lord’s wisdom – 1 Ki 10:8 – the queen of Sheba said, “and that hear thy wisdom.”  The queen of Sheba had a lot of questions for Solomon, and he answered them all, 1 Ki 10:2-3.  “There was not anything hid from the king.”  And when we come to the Lord with our questions and concerns, he can answer them all.  It is hard to beat the happiness of sorting something out with the Lord and coming away with the truth that only King Jesus can give.  Everyday, we have the opportunity, with the Lord’s help and guidance, to read the Bible and hear from our King.  What an amazing privilege.  No other subjects in the entire world can do this with their king.  But we can.  And you should.  

Conclusion: Is there anyone in your life that you know might be drawn to Jesus Christ by beholding your happiness as one of King Jesus’ men?  By now, you have certainly seen the Lord’s prosperity in your life.  Serving the Lord, standing before the Lord, and hearing the Lord’s wisdom should illicit such happiness in us that others would desire to come see for themselves, like the queen of Sheba did.  What a great testimony.