What happens when Satan is in control?

What happens when Satan is in Control?

Luke 22:1-6

In this lesson we are going to look at what happened when Satan entered into Judas and he betrayed the Lord Jesus Christ. In this lesson we will not be referring to a person being demon possessed but we will be talking about what happens when a saved person yields to their flesh and lets Satan direct their lives instead of yielding to the Holy Spirit and letting God run their lives.

Introduction :

In the passage we see that the chief priest and the scribes wanted to kill Jesus but they would not do it openly because they feared the people. Note the last verse in the passage how when Judas agrees to betray the Lord Jesus Christ that he says he will do it in the absence of the multitude. This is exactly what saved people do in regards to sin, especially teenagers. They are afraid to sin openly or in front of certain people so they try and do it privately or at least not in the presence of certain people.

Many think that after salvation Satan would not really want a saved person, but in reality that is exactly what he desires to have. Think about it he already has a lost person but what he needs is saved people who will not serve God and therefore do no more damage to his cause. Now in Luke 22:31-32 we see the Lord Jesus Christ warn Peter of this very thing. Jesus tells Peter that Satan wants to sift him as wheat. Now when you sift flour or wheat you are trying to get out all the lumps. And that is exactly what Satan wants to do with you is to destroy anything that is solid or good with in you.

What happens when Satan gets control of You :

In verse three we see Satan enter into Judas Iscariot and immediately some things happen. These same things happen to us and if we are not careful we might end up in the same fix that Judas ended up in. There are 3 things that happened in the passage and we will list them as follows.

1) You will go your own way (verse 4)

  • The passage says that Judas went his way. Now he was one of the twelve and had been following the Lord Jesus Christ. But the moment that we see Satan enter into him he goes his own way. This is the same thing that happens to us. The first step away from God will always be when you go your way instead of God’s way.
  • There are 2 very important things that the word of God says about going your own way.
  1. Proverbs14:12 (Your own way may seem right unto you but in the end thereof                         are the ways of death.)
  2. Proverbs 12:15 (When we think our way is right in our own eyes the Bible say that we are fools.)
  • The flesh will always find a reason to justify what it wants to do but we must remember this example and how it is extremely important to do what God says above what your flesh wants.

2) You will find the wrong companions (verse 4)

  • The very next thing in verse 4 is that Judas after going his own way communed with the chief priests and captains. This is exactly the way it will go in our lives once we go our own way there will be some wrong companions that we will find. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to find people who will do wrong with you but how hard it is to find people who will do right with you?
  • Proverbs 13:20 is an excellent verse for this. Note that it says that he that walks with a wise person will be wise, but it doesn’t say that he that walks with fools will be foolish it says he will be destroyed. If you are going your own way and walking with fools you can’t get any more foolish but you can get destroyed.
  • Proverbs 22:24-25 is another good reference for this. This verse is teaching us that we learn the ways of those that we walk with.
  • Our companions are very important and we should strive to have companions that will make us stronger spiritually and not help us to go our own way and get into trouble.

3) You will make the wrong decisions (verse 5-6)

  • Your own way and the wrong friends will ultimately lead you to make the wrong decision just as Judas did.
  • Something very interesting to note here is that to help get Judas to betray the Lord Jesus Christ they promised to give him money. In most every wrong decision that we make there will always be some kind of personal gain that helps to tempt us to do wrong.

(1 Timothy 6:5-12 and 2 Timothy 4:10)

The consequences of Satan being in Control :

The consequences of Judas’ actions are not seen in this passage so we will look at them in Matthew 27:3-10. There are 2 main consequences that we see for Judas’ betrayal.

1) He alone bore the consequence (verse 4)

  • Note that when he brought back the money to the chief priest and elders they told him “see thou to that”. They were basically leaving him high and dry. This is what happens when we fall in with the wrong companions they will use us for whatever purpose they need us for and then when we get caught they will not want anything to do with us.
  • The law of sowing and reaping (Galatians 6:7-9) will always come true you can rest assured that you will bear the burden and consequences of your wrong decisions.

2) He hanged himself (verse 5)

  • We know that a saved person cannot lose his salvation but if we continue to live in sin and not get that thing right with God. He may take us out of this world sooner than we should have gone. (1 John 5:16 ; Romans 6:16)

We should take this example to heart and allow God to have control of everything we do.


What happens when Satan is in Control : Handout

Luke 22:1-6

1)  Give references showing what Satan desire is concerning the lives of saved people.


2)  What is the 1st thing we see happening when Satan is in control?


3)  What is the danger of going your own way?


4)  What is the 2nd thing we see happening when Satan is in control?


5)  Give 2 references for your companions being important.


6)  What is the 3rd thing we see happening when Satan is in control?


7)  What does the wrong decision usually involve concerning Satan being in control of us?


8)  What are the 2 results we see for Judas of Satan being in control of him that can also happen to us?