Gospel Tracts

Gospel Tracts



The word of God is necessary for anyone to be saved, [1Pet.1:23]. Every sinner must be reconciled to the Holy God. [2Cor.5:18] We have been given that ministry. How’s that working for you? How is your ministry going? For most of us it is nothing to brag about! Gospel tracts are a wonderful way to add the word of God to your ministry efforts. They do all the preaching. You just need to get them out or sow the seed, the word of God. In this lesson we will look at practical methods of getting tracts into the hands of lost people. Two necessary things must happen first; commit to do it on a regular basis and have them with you all the time.


Put them where they will be found

Everywhere you go, lost people also go

Be mindful of the church/pastor’s information stamped on the tract

Waiting rooms – hospital, doctors, dentist, car repairs, etc.

Gas pumps

Restaurants, with any tip you leave (make sure it’s a good one)

Malls, stores

Movie theaters

Hotels – room service, house cleaning, etc.

School and college

Any public business (you may be asked to stop)

Mail them

To individuals you know

With your payments or correspondence


Hand them to a real live person

Clerks – Hotel, restaurants, convenience store

Waitress, hostess (maybe get some in other languages, China for Chinese restaurant)

Bank tellers

People in the parking lot as you go to and from

Around holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter

Buc Days parade (about 5000 this year)

Anywhere there is a crowd

The Alamo during NBA playoffs

Airports – waiting for flights

Police officers, when pulled over for a ticket

UPS/FedEx carriers

Sales persons that come to your door


To be the Ambassador for Christ that you should be try passing out some Gospel Tracts. Make a commitment to do it and make sure that you have them with you all the time. Just ask God to show you where and what to do with them. He will, because this pleases Him.