Good Works

Good Works


                We are created unto good works, and should walk in them. Salvation is by faith plus nothing, but the fruit of salvation is good works. Paul mentions good works several times in his letter to Titus. Good works are things done where God gets the glory [Matt.5:16].


[Titus 1:10-16] Good Works

  • Paul describes the fruit of the works, of the folks that Titus had “professing” around him. [Deu.32:23] says that your sin will find you out. [1 Tim.5:24-25] says your good works will also.
  • The easiest way to identify an apple tree is by the fruit, not the bark, leaves, etc.
  • Their works: [verse 16]

Denied him – We should glorify him

Being abominable – (detestable or very hateful) – We should be pleasant, mild gracious

Disobedient- We should be obedient

Reprobate – (corrupt or wicked) – We should be righteous


[Titus 2:6-7] A Pattern of Good Works

  • A pattern is a formula, blueprint, or model. It is worthy to be copied or imitated. [Heb.8:5] the pattern of the tabernacle.
  • Ingredients of a Good Pattern:
    • [verse7] In doctrine (truth) shewing  uncorruptness – Your Testimony
    • [verse7] in gravity (dignity/seriousness) – foolishness is not a good pattern
    • [verse7] in sincerity (honesty of mind or intention) – doing things for the right reason
    • [verse8] in sound speech (clear and clean) [James 5:12]
    • [verse8] others may have no evil thing to say of you [1 Thes.5:22]
    • [1 Tim. 5:9-10] An example of a pattern of good works


[Titus 2:13-15] Zealous of Good Works

  • Zealous means avid, eager, or passionate.
  • [verse13] Jesus is coming back! What a great motivation.
  • [verse15] Methods to express our zeal:
    • Speak – you must open your mouth!
    • Exhort- encourage, advise, and warn others!
    • Rebuke with all authority, call sin- sin.


[Titus 3:1] Be Ready to Every Good Work

  • Good Works don’t happen by accident.
  • You must be looking for things you can do.
  • Your Family, Your Job or School, Your Church, Your community.
  • [1 Cor.7:32-34] Start now while you are single.


[Titus 3:8, 14] Maintain Good Works

  • Just like it is needful to maintain your car with regular checkups.
  • [verse8] Because it is profitable unto men (the lost)
  • [verse14] Because it is fruitful unto the church (the saved)