God’s Intervention II Kings 5:1-14

God’s Intervention II Kings 5:1-14 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When you need God to intervene in your life, you must consider these truths experienced by Naaman, found in 2 Ki 5:1-14.  You may need God’s intervention in a marital problem, a family problem, a financial problem, a medical problem or a job related problem.  No matter, these truths apply to all situations.  Here’s how things will unfold:

Expectation – 2 Ki 5:3-4 – first there is the expectation that God is going to do something for you.  Naaman expected that he would be healed.  What he didn’t realize is that hardly anyone was being healed of leprosy in Israel [Lk 4:27].  Nevertheless, anticipation became his driving motivation.  And you have an expectation of what God is going to do for you, no matter how rare it may be.

Preparation – 2 Ki 5:5-7 – The king prepared gold, silver and raiment and delivered it with a big entourage.  These are the things you do to bring your expectation to pass.  All of this was totally unnecessary.  How many times we go to great lengths to bring our expectations to pass as if God needed all that we are doing.

Instruction – 2 Ki 5:8-10 – Naaman heard exactly what he needed to do to bring it to pass.  God’s word shows you exactly what you must do to bring it to pass.  Its what God said.  And that God will bless.  But God’s instruction met with rejection because of the following:

  • Imagination – 2 Ki 5:11-12 – this is what you think should be done or could happen.  Naaman said, “I thought.”  Well, he was completely wrong and you usually are, too.  You cannot decide anything based on your imagination.  It will always mislead you.  Instead you must cast down these imaginations.  They exalt themselves against the knowledge of God [2 Cor 10:4-5].  This is a real problem because these imaginations become your reality.  You must only think of the things in Phil 4:8, instead.  Quit searching the internet.
  •  Emotion – 2 Ki 5:11-12 – Naaman was wroth and went away in a rage.  These emotions may be infuriation, infatuation, agitation, depression and the like.  Whatever they are you cannot give in to them [Prov 25:28].  Any decision you make based on your emotion is going to be wrong.  You may feel emotions but you cannot decide based on emotions.

Reason – 2 Ki 5:13-14 – this is what brings you back on track with God.  You cannot decide according to your imagination [if, what if] and you cannot decide based on your emotion [although you may feel].  You must reason [Is 1:18] and decide on faith [believing what God said].  It is the most rational thinking [2 Tim 1:7].  It makes perfect sense.

Conclusion: if God is going to intervene in your life to help you, he is going to do it on his terms and in accordance with his words not matter what you think or feel.  In Naaman’s case, his expectation was fulfilled when he humbled himself, believed what God said and did what God told him to do.  You will find God working in your life the same way.