God’s Divine Hedge of Protection

God’s Divine Hedge of Protection

“This present evil world” [Gal.1:4]     Controlled by Satan     [Jn.14:30] prince of this world [2 Cor.4:4] god of this world [Eph.2:2] prince of the power of the air

Satan’s Objectives   [Jn.10:10] to steal, kill and destroy, [1 Pet.5:8] devour, [Rev.12:9] deceiver

So, how do we possibly survive? [Gal.1:4] we are promised deliverance from this “present evil world

[Job 1:6-12] God built a divine hedge about Job.

Verse 10 – About him – a personal divine safety zone

About his house – included physical things

About all that he hath on every side – included “all”

Hast blessed the work of his hands – fruitful

His substance is increased in the land – profitable

God has built a divine hedge around each of us or we would not stand a chance against the god of this world.

[Ps.80:1-19] God can break down a divine hedge around you (the nation of Israel)

[Ps.89:38-45] “thou hast broken down all his hedges” ( Prophecy of Jesus Christ’s treatment)                                       The Lord broke down Jesus’s hedge of protection, you think you are bullet proof?

[Ecc.3:1-3] There is a time to breakdown and a time to build up

The divine hedge of protection is conditional               [2 Chron.7:14]

Condition #1         WHO?    Not: abortionist, sodomites, Hollywood, politicians, drug dealers

Who is God talking to? “My people” that’s you!

Condition #2         WHAT?

First – Humility     [1 Pet.5:6] submission, Peter had surely been humbled by this point

Second – Prayer   [1 Tim.2:1-2]

Third – Seek His Face – Not his hand, as in give me, give me.  Seek a personal relationship

Fourth – Turn from your Sin – Repent. Who’s wicked ways? Yours.

Results:                 Hear your prayer

Forgive your sin

Heal your hedge