God in Genesis Gen. 1:1-3

God in Genesis Gen 1:1-3 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This sermon is about what a man will learn about God in Genesis by just reading the first three chapters of the Bible for the first time.  He would see:

God’s Creation – Gen 1:1 – God made everything – when a man reads the Bible, if he doesn’t believe the first verse, he is going to have trouble with everything else that’s in this book – in countries where there is no knowledge of the Bible or Jesus Christ, missionaries start with creation – it is the foundational doctrine upon which everything else is built – when scientists who don’t believe the Bible look for the origin of man, they can only get back as far as the water in Gen 1:20 and the dirt in Gen 2:7 [primordial soup] because of Heb 11:3 – they will never find anything back further than that because there was nothing but God before that and they don’t believe in God.

God’s Design – Gen 1:1-31 – God spoke everything you see into existence – and everything that is here produces “after his kind” – there is so much order to the sun, moon and stars that they rule the day and night and by them we have signs, seasons, days and years – sunrise can be predicted as far out as you please because everything is in order – you might notice, as well, that God is a divider – there are certain things that don’t belong together.

God’s Image – Gen 1:26-27 – man is not made in the image of an animal – he is made in the image of God – he has a body, soul and spirit [Gen 2:7] which are like Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit – we are a trinity like God – the light, actinic and heat rays of the sun and the triple point of water are indicative of this triune nature – because we are in the image of God , our spirit is different that animals’ spirit – our spirits go up at death and animals’ spirits go down [Ecc 3:18-21, 12:7] – there’s no way that we evolved from animals.

God’s Word – Gen 2:16-17 – the word of God is how God governs everything – so, knowing and obeying his words are crucial – you are rewarded for obedience and cursed for disobedience – death came upon men because Adam and Eve disobeyed the only prohibitive commandment they had – anything and everything that you need to know you can find in the pages of the Bible.

God’s Marriage – Gen 2:18-25 – marriage is one man and one woman – God only intended for men to have one wife or else he would have taken more than one rib from Adam – the picture is Christ and the Church.

God’s Adversary – Gen 3:1-6 – God’s adversary, the devil, is very subtil – when he showed up in Genesis, he wasn’t a slithering snake – he was a beautiful being [Ezek 28:12-17] – his beauty was deceiving and his attack was subtil – he simply caused Eve to doubt the words of God – once that happened, then they added to, subtracted from, changed and lied about the words of God and the rest is history – the devil’s principal method of attack against us is to separate us from the words of God,  Interestingly, the nature of man when he sins against God is to hide from him, cover himself and to blame someone else.

God’s Curse – Gen 3:14-19 – people want to know why bad things happen to people – the answer is simple – we are living under a curse – women live under the curse of conception, sorrow and the rule of man – men live under the curse of sweat, cursed ground and sorrow – both suffer death.

God’s Remedy – Gen 3:21 – God clothed Adam and Eve with coats of skins after they sinned – this required the shedding of the blood of an innocent animal foreshadowing the death of Jesus, the Lamb of God, for our sins – you have no business raising your fists to God to complain about your lot in life or your suffering under the curse – you need to raise your hands to him in humility and receive his mercy in Jesus Christ and then proclaim that in spite of the curse you thank God for his mercy and his remedy for your sin – we have gotten better than we deserve!!

Conclusion: Won’t you receive Jesus Christ, the remedy for your sin and the solution to the curse?  Christian, remember, the Bible is filled with simple truth and the best thing for us to do is to follow that truth exactly as God gave it to us!!