Giving is in the very essence of God.  We are saved because he GAVE us his Son.  And when we are saved, it is the presence of God in us that causes us to give like he did.  When a Christian has difficulty giving, he is having difficulty in his Christian growth because he is resisting the work of the Spirit of God to conform him to the image of Jesus Christ.  Here are some scriptures that help you to grow in this grace of giving.

Deut 8:18– the very power to get wealth is something that is given to you by the Lord.

Lk 6:38– the way to be assured that you will have sufficient to give is to give.  The Lord measures the gifts of men to you by what you measure in your giving to him.  When you can’t even tithe, your measure is exceedingly small.

Acts 20:31– you will experience that it is truly more blessed to give than to receive.  The Lord demonstrated the extent of this blessing when he gave everything he had in order to redeem us.  He spared nothing.  And he confirmed this blessedness when he reckoned the meager gift of the widow’s mites as the greatest gift because she gave all of her living.

2 Cor 9:6-7 – and you will know the magnitude of the Lord’s love when you give because as a cheerful giver you will know some of the love that prompted the Lord to give his Son to us!!