Getting High Mk 8:36-37

Getting High Mk 8: 36-37 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The sermon is about the vain pursuit of earthly ambition and sensual pleasure contrasted with the fulfillment, contentment and satisfaction of spiritual pursuits.

The vain pursuit of earthly ambition and sensual pleasure.  Take the devil for a perfect example.  In Is 14:12-14 he is determined to get as high as he can.  In Is 10:5, 13-14 he removes the bounds and robs the treasures until he is the world ruler who has gained the whole world.  He is wiser than Daniel Ezek 28:3-5.  He is excellent in beauty Ezek 28:12-15.  In 2 Thes 2:3-4 he sits in the temple as God.  He is the god of this world 2 Cor 4:4.  The glory and the power of the kingdoms are his Lk 4:5-6.  Yet in Is 14:15 he gets as high as he can ands ends up in hell.  See Ezek 28:16-19.  

Likewise, for men the pursuit of earthly ambition and sensual pleasure is vain.

Lust of eyes… The eyes are never satisfied Prov 27:20.  Lust of flesh… The appetite is never filled Ecc 6:7.  The pleasures of sin only last for a season Heb 11:25.  When you seek sensual pleasure you can only get so high.  With sex you become perverted and destructive.  With drugs you destroy yourself.  With wealth you are never satisfied Ecc 5:10.  You can never have enough.  You can never get high enough to satisfy the flesh.  And eventually you destroy yourself in your pursuit.  What shall it profit a man… Mk 8:36?  Nothing.

Sadly, if a man is comfortable where he is in his pursuits, if he’s comfortable with his religion, his money, his appetites, his marriage and you talk with him about spiritual matters, he will not change.  He won’t jeopardize what he has for what you are offering.  This is called the deceitfulness of riches [Mk 4:19] and the deceitfulness of sin [Heb 3:13].  In the end he winds up in hell because he didn’t come to the Lord by faith.  He was deceived by his riches and sin.

However, if he realizes that there is nothing he can give in exchange for his soul [Mk 8:37] and he becomes more concerned with spiritual matters than he is with earthly and sensual desires, he may listen to what you are offering.

Phil 3:10-15 shows you that the more you “die” to the things of the world, the higher you will go spiritually.  A rocket must leave this world to orbit in outer space.  And there is no upper limit to your pursuit.  You just go higher and higher.  Your affections are above, you become conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, you find godliness with contentment.  In the end you have heaven and an eternity of perfection.

Conclusion: You are burning yourself out trying to get high in the earth.  If you want to really get high, get saved.  Turn away from the things of the earth and pursue those things above that are from the Lord.