Getting Help

Getting Help

Psalm 46:1

At some point in their lives every Christian will need help. The greatest resource for help is God, yet many Christians struggle to find the needed help for the struggles and temptations of this life. In this lesson we will look at three simple things regarding help; who is our help, why we cannot find help, and the result of God’s help.

Who is our help?

Psalm 46:1 tells us in no uncertain terms that God is our help. But not only do we see that God is our help, but he is said to be a “very present help” in trouble. This should show us that God is there and waiting to help. What we must ask ourselves is to we go to him for the help that we need.

Why we cannot find help?

1)  We are using the wrong name (Psalm 124:8)

  • It is interesting how many times saved people go to the world before they go to God for help. God should always be our first resource for help.

2)  We are looking in the wrong place (Psalm 121:1)

  • This goes hand in hand with the first point. Our help will come from above not from the world around us. It is true that God will use people to assist us but we should always let God lead in this manner.

3)  We do not follow his word (Psalm 119:173)

  • Note in this passage the Psalmist connects being helped by God with following his word. Remember it does us no good to ask God’s help and reject what he has to say.

4)  Not trusting him (Psalm 28:7)

  • Asking for help is a humbling thing because we are basically admitting that we cannot do something on our own. But this also will require a great level of trust, because we must rely on God for the help.

The result of God’s help:

 The end result of trusting God and receiving his help will be happiness. There is not greater reward than the help of God but we must avail ourselves of that help to reap the benefits.

Getting Help : Handout

Psalm 46:1

1)  What is the source of our help?

2)  What are some of the reasons that we cannot find help?

3)  What is the result of God’s help?