Get Involved


There are many things the Lord is doing in and through BBBC – get involved – you don’t want to miss out on what the Lord is doing here – you’re going to get to heaven and be very disappointed that you had the opportunity to do these things and didn’t get involved in the good things God has been doing.  Here are some ways to get involved more than you already are:

Learn the Bible – Heb 10:25 – don’t just show up once in a while or once a week – be here at all the services – really get to know what’s in your Bible – come to the Bible conference and to the special weekend meetings that we have from time to time – be here for the Missions conference and for Men’s and Ladies’ Bible studies – do a Bible study like Jeff Williams’ Line upon Line.

Pray to the Lord – Eph 6:18-19; Acts 4:31 – we meet together Sunday morning at 8:30 to pray for the lost by name and for the Sunday school and preaching services – we pray on Wednesday night for each other and for all of our missionaries – you will rejoice now and thank the Lord for the answered prayers and it will amaze you in eternity what God has done that you haven’t seen.

Give to missions – 2 Cor 9:6-15 – our church is really going for missions now and you don’t want to miss out on what God is doing through the church for the missionaries and for the work of the ministry on their fields – just think of all the thanksgivings to God on your behalf and all of the prayers being lifted up for you by those who appreciate what God is doing through us.

Sow the seed – Matt 9:37-38 – the easiest way to become a laborer in the harvest is to enter the harvest as a seed sower – we have several public ministry opportunities like Fishers of Men, tract distribution on the sea wall after lunch on Wednesdays every other week, personal tract distribution [replenish your pockets or purses], personal distribution of New Testaments when dealing with souls, and so forth – get involved.

Witness to the lost – Acts 1:8 – labor among the lost by building relationships with them and by witnessing to them with the intention of leading them to the Lord and getting them in church.

Invest in youth – 2 Tim 2:2 – we have young men and women eager to learn and who need to be trained – you can teach them practical things dealing with construction, mechanics, landscaping, irrigation, hunting, fishing, cooking, sewing, and so forth – you could learn how to take some of them out to witness, disciple souls, and get them in church – you will be making a life-long investment in someone else’s life.

Sing to the Lord – Col 3:16 – learn to play a musical instrument – learn to sing better – teach others to sing better – I learned to sing bass by joining a Christmas carol choir that sang in the mall – we broke up into sectionals and Bob Murphy taught me the bass lines – I memorized them – then I sang a few specials in church [again memorizing my part] – in time I could read some of the music and today I can read most of the music that we sing – you can practice and learn too.

Preach the gospel – 2 Tim 4 – Bryan learned to preach here – Randy learned to preach here – some of the men in Bible study are learning to preach – and in time the Lord will have more preachers to labor in his harvest.

Conclusion: there is much that we are doing that you can get involved in [learning the Bible, praying, giving to missions, sowing the seed, and singing] – we don’t have to change anything for you to get involved – these ministries are in full swing – there is more that we could do if you would get involved [more witnessing to the lost, more investing in the youth, and more preaching of the gospel] – so get involved.