Genesis Lesson #16

Creation Lesson #16

Noah and His 3 Sons (Genesis 9:18-29)

In this lesson we are going to look at what happened to Noah and his family after they left the ark. We have already seen how that many things changed in regards to what Noah and his family could eat and how man would now be accountable to mankind in regards to murder. In this lesson we will look at Ham’s sin and several prophesy concerning Noah’s children.

Verses 18-19 :

Theses verses are important because they show us that Ham is the father of Canaan. We will see later that Canaan is cursed and he is cursed because of his father’s sin. It is from these three sons that the whole earth was overspread; therefore everyone will come from one of these three sons.

Verses 20-29 :

Noah obviously became a husbandman after getting of the ark. In the previous lesson we discussed how it was possible that the atmospheric changes lead to the fermentation process which would enable Noah to be a husbandman. Either way in verse 21 we see the first time that the word wine is found in the Bible, and it is not connected with anything good. As a matter of fact it is connected with drunkenness and a sexual sin. Let us look at some verses on wine and what it is connected with in the word of God.

  • Genesis 9:21 (Nakedness)
  • Proverbs 20:1 (Wine is a mocker and whoever is deceived by it is unwise)
  • Proverbs 23:30-33 (Lust coming from the heart)
  • Habakkuk 2:15 (Here a drink is connected with getting a neighbor drunk to commit a sexual sin with that person)

The Word of God is very plain when it comes to alcohol and it gives us insight into why so many people who get drunk have a hard time keeping their clothes on. It also gives us insight on how alcohol is usually involved in some way with many sexual sins.

The sin that Ham committed is in verse 22 and he is said to have seen the nakedness of his father. Now this is not just seeing his father naked, there was obviously a sexual sin that took place. Note in verse 24 how Noah knew what his son had done unto him. Here is a good place to note that Noah was not passed out verse 21 says he was drunk and verse 24 says when he awoke from his wine. That means when he sobered up not necessarily waking up. He was drunk and not in control of his senses which, is a common effect of drunkenness.

Now back to Ham seeing his father’s nakedness as more than just seeing his father naked. In Leviticus 18:18-20 uncovering the nakedness of someone is the same as to lie with them. This is also shown again in Leviticus 20:11-18. Therefore there was some kind of sexual sin done between Noah and Ham or Noah’s wife and Ham.

As a result of Ham’s sin and Shem and Japheth’s wise actions Noah makes prophesies concerning each of his 3 sons.

Canaan :  Ham’s son is cursed because God has already blessed Ham in Genesis 9:1. Not only is he cursed but he is said to be a servant of servants unto his brethren. This is seen when Israel conquers Canaan and some of the Canaanites become there servants.

Shem :  Note that it says “blessed be the God of Shem”. Now some of the descendants of Shem include Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David and Jesus Christ. Shem gets a spiritual blessing. All those mentioned above are Jews, and we know that the authors of the Bible are all Jews Romans 3:1-2. Many of the other world religions were founded by descendants of Shem.

Japheth :  God is said to enlarge Japheth and that he does. His descendants will include most of the explorers and many inventors. Note that Japheth is said to dwell in the tents of Shem. One way that this prophecy could have come to pass is that when the Europeans came and conquered the Americas they were then dwelling in the tents of Shem. The American Indians would have come from Shem.

After verses 28-29 we do not see anything else in regards to Noah life after the events of this chapter. Once again this is a good spiritual lesson for saved people. When we play around with alcohol and sexual sins it could very well be the end of us too.


Creation Lesson #16 Handout

Noah and His 3 Sons (Genesis 9:18-29)

1)  What job did Noah take up when he got off the ark according to Genesis 9:20?


2)  List some verses of scriptures that show us that Ham seeing the nakedness of his father is more than just seeing him naked.


3)  What does the word of God say that drunkenness is connected with? Give references.


4)  Why did God curse Canaan instead of Ham for his sin?


5)  What are the 3 prophetic things said in regards to the children of Noah?


6)  What is so special about the prophecy concerning Shem?


7)  List a possible way that the Prophesy concerning Japheth dwelling in the tents of Shem has come true.