Flourish Like the Palm Tree

Now that you are saved you are righteous – so as a righteous saint of God you are to flourish like the palm tree – why would the Lord compare you to a palm tree? And what can we learn from our comparison to a palm tree that might help us even flourish more than we already do?  The reason that we are compared to palm trees is that Palm Trees:

Grow best by the water – many grow on the banks of the Jordan River – the Jews found water in the wilderness at Elim where there were 70 palm trees [Ex 15:27] – our “water” is found in the Spirit of God [Jn 7:38-39] and the words of God [Eph 5:26] – the more that you are filled with the Spirit of God and the more that you are in your Bible, the better you grow

Grow straight up – so we set our affections on things above [Col 3:1-2] – by contrast, the green bay tree of the wicked spreads itself out [Ps 37:35]

Grow better in full sun – the more that we are in direct fellowship with the Son of God [who is typified by the sun, Ps 19], the better we grow [1 Jn 1:3]

Can’t produce without the male – female palm trees [a type of the bride of Christ] produce fruit but they require the male trees [a type of Jesus] to pollinate – Jesus said, “without me ye can do nothing,” [Jn 15:5]

Are fruitful – a young tree can produce up to 90 pounds of fruit [dates] and a mature tree can produce 300-400 pounds or even as much as 500 pounds, annually – they start producing the best when they are about 30 years old and can produce up until they are about 100 years old – a friend of mine was leading souls to Christ when he was 100 years old and was very fruitful at 95 while doing personal work in a prison visitor center

Are fully beneficial – they are good for timber, posts, crates, furniture, baskets, fuel, rope, packing material, feed, fruit, syrup, alcohol, vinegar, and liquor – likewise, we can glorify God in everything we do – we are to be fruitful in every good work [Col 1:10]

Are adorned with a crown – the leafy top of the palm is called the crown – we are going to reign as kings and priests with him [Rev 5:8-10] – we are the children of King Jesus