Flattery is the act of praising someone. The sincerely of this act is what determines its worth. This verse states that when done in this way it is vanity, or worthless. Often we flatter someone because you want something from them, the Bible has a lot to say about insincere praise or flattery.



[Ps.36:1-3] The first transgression to be aware of is: flattering your own self.

  • It displays a heart problem that you may have: No fear of God
  • It will produce a hateful iniquity, [Prov.30:11] wow, this generation!
  • Satan fell for it [Isa.14:11-15], [Eze.28:13-18] He flattered his own self until his iniquity destroys him.



[Jude 16] The next transgression is: Flattery to gain an advantage

  • [Ps.12:2] When you flatter someone in this way you prove your double heart, have you ever been found out?
  • [Ps.12:3] You will speak proud things, this talk will falsely build up the pride in others, you are helping them to become prideful.
  • [Ps.78:36] You are also, lying! The things that you are saying are not true.
  • [Prov.7:21] Because of her, the young man was “forced” to do wrong. You are forcing someone to do something that they may not have done on their own.



[Prov.26:28] Finally, It “worketh ruin

  • [Dan.11:21,32,34] The anti-Christ will use flattery to take complete control of this world.
  • [Isa.10:13-14] he takes complete control to the ruin of the world




Beware of using flattery for an advantage, and also beware of people using it to take advantage of you.