First Things First

First Things First


First things first. You will do whatever you put first in your life. Usually we will put things that are fun, easy or profitable first in our life. We usually put unpleasant, hard or things that cost us last. God states clearly what He thinks should be first in our life in Matt.6:33-34. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness:” It is not hard; it’s very enjoyable, and very profitable.

Do the things that matter    [Matt.6:19-21]

  • Your heart is where your treasure is
  • [Ecc.2:4-11] “no profit under the sun”
  • Solomon knew what things mattered.


  • Prayer first matters
  • [1 Tim.2:1-3] “ a quiet and peaceable life” and “good and acceptable” to God
  • [Psa. 5:1-3] Start the day with prayer
  • Start your day with prayer, it matters, and it pleases God
  • It also is easy, enjoyable and profitable


  • Reading God’s words first matters
  • [Heb.5:12-14] “first principles of the oracles of God”
  • Everyone is in some stage of growth, milk or meat?
  • “by reason of use” you reach full age
  • First things first, feed your soul.


  • Attending Church first matters
  • [Acts 20:7] Early church began to meet on the first day of the week, yes Sunday!
  • [1 Cor.16:2] Corinthians told to take up collection on first day of the week
  • [Heb.10:24-25] “consider one another”
  • “to provoke unto love and good works”
  • “exhorting one another” Being at church matters.
  • You can only be provoked and exhorted at church, first things first


  • Serving God first matters
  • [2 Cor.8:5] Give yourself – your time, labor
  • [Rom.12:1-2] It is reasonable
  • It is easy, enjoyable and profitable


  • Putting things off matters
  • [Matt.6:34] Tomorrow comes with its own set of issues
  • Don’t put any of these things off, put first things first.