First of All (part one)

First of All

1 Tim 2:1-2


Paul exhorts us to do some things “first of all” in this passage. I Believe that this means that we should put some sort of priority on these things. He is instructing us in the various ways to communicate with God on behalf of all men, so that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. Let’s look at these things and see if we can make improvement.



First of All:                                          The What


Supplications– Asking for Supplies for you or others

  • Physical needs – [Matt.6:11] this day [Luke 11:3] day by day – Your daily bread
  • Spiritual needs – [James 1:5] Wisdom


Prayers – Asking for Support, or help

  • [Heb.4:16] obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need
  • [1Jn.1:9] to confess and find forgiveness
  • [James 1:19-20] Get help in your Christian walk
  • [Phil.4:6-7] the peace of God
  • [1 Tim.2:2] to have a quiet and peaceable life


Intercessions – Asking for Someone Else, because they won’t or can’t

  • [Rom.8:26-27] the Holy Spirit intercedes on your behalf to tell God what you really need
  • [Rom.8:34] Jesus Christ intercedes for you
  • [Heb.7:25] he ever liveth to make intercession
  • [1 Tim.2:5] he is your mediator, not ending at salvation


Giving of thanks– to be made in all three

  • [1 Thes.5:18] Giving Thanks (in all things) is the will of God
  • [Eph.5:20] We are to give thanks (for all things)
  • [Col.3:17] Never forget that we give thanks to God by Jesus Christ
  • [John 16:23-27] The reason we pray in Jesus name