Favor by Wisdom, Prov 8:35

Prov 8:35 shows you how, with God, to have favor by wisdom.  “For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of the LORD”.

On recent Wednesday nights, we have been studying how to have favor with God.  We have seen from the scripture that loving favor is rather to be chosen than silver and gold, Prov 22:1.  No doubt the man who had been lame from his mother’s womb was glad that Peter had more favor with God than he had silver and gold, Acts 3:1-8

Wisdom comes from fear of the Lord.  See Job 28:28, Prov 9:10. And wisdom is impossible to obtain apart from the words of God, Prov 2:1-6.  Wisdom and the fear of the Lord are an inseparable couplet.  From the fear of the Lord comes wisdom.  And with wisdom comes the fear of the Lord.  You obtain favor by wisdom.

But you have to “find” wisdom; you must “seek” it, Prov 8:10,11, 17.  The reason more people don’t have wisdom is that they won’t work to study the words God to obtain it, 2 Tim 2:15.  They may work for an education.  They may work for their occupation.  But they are remiss to work in the scriptures to obtain wisdom.

Thus, many are lacking favor with God because they are lacking wisdom.

The thing for us to do is to “find” wisdom.  You’ll find it in the Bible.  And you’ll find it from people who teach and preach the truth of the Bible.  And you will find it from people who have it who are willing to give it to you in wise counsel.

Finding and retaining wisdom will keep us in good favor with God.  See to have favor by wisdom.