Fathers Day

Fathers Day 1 Chron.28:9 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

David charged Solomon in 1 Chr 28:9 to “know thou the God of thy father.”  This is Fathers Day and this charge should be the charge of every father to their children.  But in order for this charge to be effective certain things must be true in your life.

Your knowledge of God must be explicit – “the God of thy father” “if thou seek him he will be found of thee.”  You must know the precise, unambiguous, plain, definite way to the Lord.  You need to know him on his terms not yours.  He is not man-made, he is real.  Salvation is not just a matter of profession but of possession. In Ps 18:2 David wrote of “my” God. In Job 19:25 Job spoke of “my” redeemer.  In Jn 20:28 Thomas said, “my” Lord and “my” God.  Is the Lord your God?  He can be through your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your knowledge of God must be evident – “serve him with a perfect HEART and with a willing MIND.”  In other words, your children must be able to see that you know God through your devotion, fellowship, service, sacrifice, dependence, and giving.  Your affections, your time, your ambitions, your desires, your expenditures, and so forth are all evidence that God is very real in your life.  David was a man after God’s own heart but God was not the only one who knew it.  Look at the Psalms which David wrote.  You children ought to see you doing something for God.

Your knowledge of God must be effectual – “serve HIM.”  He is the true God.  Your heart and mind must change as a result of you knowledge of God and this change must affect your life through answered prayers, strength, fruit, and conformity to his image.  In other words, your knowledge of God should result in God’s obvious supernatural power, care and provision in your life.  Your children should be able to see the hand of God in all aspects of your life.  Real faith in the real God is substantial and evident [Heb 11:1].

Your knowledge of God must be enthusiastic – “SERVE him.”  The desire of your children to know God is not a matter of you teaching them what to do.  It is a matter of them catching it from you.  This ministry to your children is caught not taught.  The children who “pan out” in our youth work are children of parents in whose lives the knowledge of God results in enthusiastic service to him.  They are here with their children for everything.  God is the center of their lives.  And therefore this church is at the core of their activities.  This is where and how they serve God faithfully.

Conclusion: Is the Lord your God?  If not, get to know him today through Jesus Christ.  If he is your God, then serve him with all your heart and mind and let him show himself mighty on your behalf so that your children will know that he is real.