Far Above All

In Eph 1:19-23, we find some wonderful things about Jesus that show us he is far above all, like Paul said in verse 21.  He is far above all because:

He is the Risen Savior – Eph 1:20 – you need a Savior.  You cannot save yourself.  Doctors, biologists, chemists, physicists, scientists, etc, have made many discoveries that have been helpful.  But none of them has found a remedy for death.  You can’t beat death.  But our risen Savior did.  And when he saves you, you beat death.  No one else in any other religion can save you.  Death has beaten them all.  

He is the Right-Hand Man – Eph 1:20 – according to 1 Tim 2:3-6, he is the only mediator between God and men.  He is the only one who has access to the Father as he is seated on the right hand of God.  And there, he intercedes for the lost [Heb 7:25] and for us [Rom 8:34].  Imagine, Jesus is praying to the Father for you right now.  And he is available to you right now.  You cannot contact a high ranking government representative personally and immediately.  But you can contact the Creator of the universe instantly.  He is here among us even as I speak.

He is the Reigning King – Eph 1:21 – Jesus Christ is not just above principalities and powers.  He is “far above” them.  And not only that, he is far above “all” of them.  There is not a principality, a power, a might, a dominion, or a name that is even close.  The devil is a mighty powerful adversary.  He is not even close.  Jesus Christ is over everything.  And he is your king.  You have nothing to worry about from any other ruler or power in the world as long as Jesus is your reigning king.

He is the Reverend Master – Eph 1:22 – all things are under his feet.  He is reverend in that he is worthy of our praise.  He is the master in that we are to all humble ourselves before him.  The best thing you and I can do is fall prostrate before him and worship him. Humble yourself and look up to our Master under whose feet we abide.  He is worthy of our praise and our fear.  He could crush us like a bug and he would be right when he did it.

He is the Ruling Head – Eph 1:22-23 – we need a head; we have a head.  When you looked in the mirror this morning you noticed that your body has a head.  Without it you would be dead.  Likewise, the body of Christ, the church, has a head.  He is Jesus Christ.  It is essential that Jesus Christ is the head of this church and over everything that we do.  It is essential that you have him as your head, and that you do everything he says.  One thing he wants you to do is to get into a local church and find your place of service.   

Conclusion: If Jesus Christ is not your Savior, you need to be saved today.  The reigning king of the universe commanded that you must be saved.  If you refuse to trust him, he will have no other choice but to condemn you to an eternity in hell with the devil.  He is also the Rightful Judge.  He will not err in his judgment.  Be saved today.  And if you are already saved, humble yourself under your rightful master and get in a church where he is the head.  And pray for us.  Pray that we will be absolutely obedient to all that Jesus, our head, wants us to do.