Faith Will Change Your Life

 Faith Will Change Your Life Mark 10:46-52 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In this passage, Bartimaeus went from being a blind beggar to a sighted believer in Jesus Christ.  Faith changed his life and faith will change your life, too.

Faith will change:

What you ask for – v.46-47 – he had been asking for money but by faith he asked Jesus for mercy, something far greater than money.

Who you ask – v.46-47 – he had been begging from people, but by faith he turned his request to Jesus.  We spend far too much time telling others about things about which we ought to be asking Jesus.

How you ask – v.46-47 – he had been begging people, but by faith he cried out to Jesus.  When you know that Jesus is listening it is better to be fervent and earnest in your prayer.

Your persistence in asking – v.48 – he cried the more when he was told to hold his peace.  With people he might have accepted “No” as an answer, but by faith nothing was going to stop him from asking Jesus.

Your responsiveness in asking – v.49-50 – Jesus told him to rise and he rose.  By faith he was immediately obedient to what Jesus wanted him to do.  Prayer carries with it the responsibility to do what the Lord wants you to do as part of the answer.

Your approach in asking – v.50 – when Bartimaeus rose, he “cast away his garment.”  By faith, our lives clean up when we approach the Lord in prayer.

Your responsibility in asking – v.51 – when he asked for his sight, he knew that he would be forever changed.  No longer could he beg.  Now, by faith he was going to have to look to the Lord to bless his labors.  He went from being the victim to being the victor.

Conclusion: v.52 the Lord told Bartimaeus to “Go thy way.”  And by faith, it turned out that his way was the Lord’s way because “he followed Jesus in the way.”