Your Eyes Are the Light of Your Body

“The Light of the body is the Eye”



What we see affects our bodies. This passage states that our eye can be “single” or “evil”. Single means to see justly or honestly as God sees, or single in purpose. If our eye be single, we will be full of light, but if evil, darkness. So the light of the body is the eye.

[Gen.3:6] “And when the woman saw….” This is the first example in your Bible where seeing something led to doing something.

[2 Sam.11:2] Speaking of David, “and from the roof he saw a woman washing herself…” David acted on what he saw.

Our eyes can cause us to make really bad choices. Job knew this, [Job31:1] “I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid?” Job shows us that our eyes affect our mind. What you see affects your mind, and also affects what you do.

[Numbers 33:50-52] God warned the children of Israel about pictures, images, and places. God knew the affect that pictures, images, and places would have on the children of Israel. He commanded them to destroy them, but they did not.

[Eze.23:13-19] God illustrates the wickedness of Israel and how she was defiled because of what she did with (doted: weak-minded, silly, or idiotic behavior) what she saw. [Eze.20:7] “Cast away the abominations of his eyes and defile not…” Israel followed after what they saw.

[Eze.8:7-12] God showed Ezekiel what men “do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery”. Today you have access to pornography in your pocket or purse with your cell phone. You are just a few clicks, whether on purpose or accidentally, from being defiled and exposing your eyes to pictures, images and places that you do don’t need. [Ps.101:1-3] Set no wicked thing before your eyes.

[Deu.7:21-26] You become what you see. That stuff is a cursed thing, and God says you will become like it.

[1Cor.3:13] Be careful, “the day shall declare it” You will be found out, sooner or later for sure at the Judgment Seat of Christ.