Excellent, Right, True Things, Prov 8:6-7

In Prov 8:6, wisdom says, “Hear.”  We are supposed to listen to wisdom because wisdom will speak of:

Excellent things – Prov 8:6 – “I will speak of excellent things.”  Excellent things are things of great value; things that are superior.  

Wisdom is better than rubies – A man with wisdom, knowledge and instruction is wealthier than a man with gold, silver, and rubies [Prov 8:10-11].  His riches are durable, his treasures are full, his substance is inherited [Prov 8:18-21].  The pursuit of wealth competes with the pursuit of wisdom [Prov 8:17].

Quietness is better than strife – Prov 17:1 – a little with quietness is better than a lot with strife.  Many families are in trouble because of finances.  

The fear of the Lord is better than great treasure with trouble – Prov 15:16.  Love is better than hatred – Prov 15:17.  A humble spirit is better than destruction – Prov 16:18-19.  Righteousness is better than not doing right – Prov 16:6.  In every case, if you are willing to settle for less, you can avoid the trouble, the hatred, the destruction, and the lack of righteousness.  It’s the love of money that pierces a man through with many sorrows [1 Tim 6:9-10].

Right things – Prov 8:6 – “the opening of my lips shall be right things.”  Right things are things that are in accord with God’s will and God’s standard of righteousness; things that are right in the sight of God.  

In Jud 17:16, every man did that which was right in his own eyes.  Your eyes will deceive you just like Eve’s eyes deceived her [Gen 3:6].  She was told that she would die if she ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  But what she saw convinced her that it was all right to eat the fruit.  She was dead wrong.  You must always have the right view.

Prov 8:6 – the word of God is always right.

Eph 6:1-3 – obeying your parents is always right

Prov 12:15 – good counsel is right; contrast Prov 14:12.

True things – Prov 8:7 – “for my mouth shall speak truth.”  True things are things that are in conformity to fact or reality; things that are in accordance with that which is, or has been, or shall be.

It is true that God created the heaven and the earth – Gen 1:1, no matter what Dawkins professes and scientists, falsely so called, say.

It is true that men without Christ go to hell.

It is true that men who trust Christ have eternal life and go to heaven. 

It is true that Jesus is coming back.

It is true that Rom 8:28 is still in the Bible and it is always true.

It is true that the way of transgressors is hard and that you reap what you sow.

Conclusion: I you will seek wisdom early, you will find her – Prov 8:17.  Begin now to seek the wisdom that comes from the words of God.  You will find excellent, right, and true things, unlike anything that the world has to offer.