Examples of Faith (Hebrews Ch 11) : Lesson #7 Moses’ Parents

Examples of Faith (Hebrews Ch. 11)

Lesson #7 Moses’ Parents (Verse 23)

In this lesson we are going to look at the example of Moses’ Parents. Our thought for the lesson is “It takes Faith to do what is right”.

Looking at Moses Parents:

  • The Children of Israel had been told by Pharaoh to throw all their male babies in the River.  
  • When they saw that there was something special about Moses the hid him for three months until they could not hide him any longer.
  • Moses’ mother made an ark and placed him inside it and put him in the River.
  • His sister hid and watched to see what would happen to Moses.
  • Pharaoh’s Daughter came to wash at the river and found the baby.
  • In the end Moses’s mother got paid by Pharaoh’s Daughter to nurse the child.

What can we see that is valuable for us from the example of Moses’ Parents faith?

One of the things that we see from this example is what do we do when the Laws of the Land contradict the word of God. In the case of Moses’s parents it is pretty simple, there dilemma was to kill the child or break the law. But what cases where it is not so plain. Like for instance it is legal to witness door to door, but not in some apartment complexes because they are private property. So do we follow the law or break the law in the name of God?

In Romans 13:1-7 Paul tells us to obey the authorities and rulers over us, Peter tells us to do the same things basically 1 Peter 2:12-15. But then in Acts Peter also says it is better to obey God than man Acts 5:29.

I think the answer lies in the fact that in Acts they were told personally that they could not speak in the name of Jesus. This would be like the law of the land telling us that we could not speak the name of Jesus. In our previous example about witnessing we are not told by the government that we cannot not witness therefore we must follow the laws about how and where we can witness. We must respect the private property of other such as apartment buildings that have no soliciting signs.

In the word of God it was always a personal command like Daniel being told he could not pray at all or the three Hebrew children being told to bow before the idol when they obeyed God instead of man. For us in this present world it may come to that one day that is where this example of faith will be very valuable to us. As for the grey areas pray and trust God to show you how and what to do.

Examples of Faith (Hebrews Ch. 11)

Lesson #7 Moses’ Parents (Verse 23) : Handout

1)  What is the lesson for us concerning faith from this example?

2)  Give a brief description of the example of faith concerning Moses’ Parents.

3)  What is the spiritual application for us from this example?