Evidence of the Resurrection

  Evidence of the Resurrection

The resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ is one of the most important topics in the Bible regarding salvation. Without the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ salvation would not be possible. If the Lord Jesus Christ did not come out of the grave on the 3rd day, then no one is saved from their sins. But we know that Jesus Christ did arise victorious on the 3rd day, and he is seated at the right hand of the father. He is now our High Priest and lives to make intercession for us (Hebrews 7:25).

The Evidence of the Resurrection:

In Acts 1:3 it says that the Lord Jesus Christ showed himself alive by many infallible proofs. The word infallible in this verse is important because many new Bibles change infallible to something else. By changing the word infallible they are attacking the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now the only person who would want to attack the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ would be the devil or some who doesn’t want to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior. Why else attack the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ after all, it is essential to salvation. Below we will list 4 proofs for the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

1) The Empty Tomb (Luke 24:3-6)

  • When the women and the disciples went to the tomb on the 3rd morning Jesus was not there. The burial clothes were there, but Jesus was not.
  • Now when they buried the Lord Jesus Christ, they sealed the tomb and set a watch over it so no one would come and still the body (Matthew 27:62-66), therefore the soldiers had to lie to say that someone had stolen the body.

2) The People who saw with him after the Resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:1-8)

  • Mary Magdalene and other women went to the tomb of early on the first day of the week to anoint his body with spices. They found the stone rolled away and was told by an angel to go and tell the others (Matthew 28:12 ; Luke 24:10)
  • When the Ladies find Peter and John and possible the others, they tell them what they had seen. Mary Magdalene, Peter, and John return to the tomb and Peter and John see that the tomb is empty (Luke 24:12 ; John 20:2-10). Peter and John leave and Mary stays behind. This is where she sees Jesus. Note here that he tells her not to touch him because he has not yet ascended to heaven. (John 20:2-18).
  • The other women that were with Mary Magdalene originally are out telling the others and Jesus appears to them (Matthew 28:9). This must be after he has appeared to Mary because they are allowed to touch him, and Mary was not. Jesus had gone to heaven entered the holy of holies and now returned to earth having completed the sacrifice for our sins. Therefore, they could touch Jesus and Mary could not.
  • That afternoon Jesus appears to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35).
  • Sometime that afternoon he appeared unto Peter also separate from the others (1 Corinthians 15:5)
  • He also appeared to James during this time also (1 Corinthians 15:7). Remember this could be James his brother not James the brother of John.
  • Jesus appeared to the apostles with Timothy not present (John 20:19-25). Then he appeared unto them eight days later with Timothy present (John 20:24-29).
  • At some point he was seen of 500 people at one time (1 Corinthians 15:6).
  • He was also seen of Paul on the road to Damascus (Acts 9 :1-16 ; 1 Corinthians 15:8).
  • With all the witness accounts verified and written down there is no reason that anyone should doubt that Jesus Christ was resurrected just as the word of God says he was.

3) The coming of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1-6 with John 16:7-11)

  • In Acts 2 we see the Holy Spirit come and start indwelling people on the day of Pentecost. Jesus had promise to the 11 that this would happen.
  • Jesus said also in John 16 that he had to go away so the Holy Spirit could come. The coming of the Holy Spirit proves the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it also proves the fact that God accepted the sacrifice and payment for our sins that his son made. If God had not accepted the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, then the Holy Spirit would have never come.

4)  The changed lives of millions of People (Ex: Paul Acts 9)

  • There is no way to explain the changes in the millions of people’s lives over the past 2000 years except by the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul was a Christian killer and persecutor and wound up preaching the Gospel. There are countless other examples of murder’s, drunkards, drug addicts, criminals, prostitutes, cult leaders and worshipers and many other sinful men and women whose lives were changed immediately because of the Lord Jesus Christ. Outside of him there is no other explanation.

Evidence of the Resurrection : Handout

1)  Why is the resurrection of Jesus Christ so important?

2)  What is the key word in Acts 1:3 regarding the evidence of the resurrection?

3)  Give 4 proofs for the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ with supporting scriptures.