Dual Authority

Dual Authority

Matt. 6:24

                Two masters is dual authority. It never works, not at home, at work, at church, and not with God. You must pick one and love it and hold to it. No man can serve two masters. Who or what is your single authority? It is very easy to say “God”, but do you really mean it? Joshua made the choice, [Jos.24:14-15] and meant it.


[Luke 6:46-49] Authority is a foundational issue; you are building your entire future on what foundation? You must be obedient to your authority.

  • [2Thes.1:7-10] The first proof of who is your authority, is obeying the gospel
  • [John 3:3,7] Ye must be born again, not my words but God’s


[John 12:48] Jesus never left any doubt about the question of authority.  His words will judge us.

  • [Gen.1:1] The Bible leaves no doubt about who is in charge
  • [John 1:1-5,10] The Word is Jesus, the Word is God
  • [Rev.20:11-12] God keeps books


[John 17:17] God’s words are truth. Anything a man can talk you into; another man can talk you out of.

  • [1Thes.2:13] received not as the word of men
  • [Acts 17:10-12] The folks of Berea should be an example to us, they made sure what Paul preached was the truth. They used God’s words as the authority.


[1Thes.5:21] “Prove all things: hold fast that which is good”

  • [Ex.16:4] first mention of “prove”, means to test. You should filter everything through the word of God your authority
  • [2Cor.13:5] Examine and prove yourself by the Book


[2Tim.3:16-17] Scripture will “thoroughly” furnish your life, if you make it your authority.

  • Doctrine – tells you what is right
  • Reproof – tells you what is wrong
  • Correction – tells you how to do right
  • Instruction – tells you how to stay right

The Bible is the final authority in ALL matters of faith and practice.