Don’t Neglect Your Spiritual Gift (Part One)

Don’t Neglect Your Spiritual Gift

1 Tim. 4:14

(Part one)


Over the next few lessons we are going to define the Spiritual Gifts mentioned in the Bible. By definition they are gifts, and cannot be earned. They are Spiritual, meaning they come from God and are given to serve a purpose that He has for His body (the church).

[1Cor.12:11] “Severally” in this verse means that the Holy Spirit gives out these gifts separately, one here and one there. So we all don’t have the same gifts. So you shouldn’t covet another’s gift, God gave you the gift He wanted you to have. You ought to praise God for the gifts that you see in others, because that is how they got there.

Have you ever known someone that had a natural ability to: fix automobiles, computers, etc., grow plants, cook, bake, sew, to paint, child care etc.? God gave this ability and that is why they have it.

Your gift has been given by the grace of God and differs from other’s gifts [Rom.12:6] [Mark 3:14] the twelve were ordained to do something, [John 15:16] again ordained to do something. When you got saved you also got ordained (appointed), [Acts 13:46-48], also predestinated to do or be something:

[Rom.8:29-30] to be conformed to his image

[Eph.1:1-5] unto the adoption of the children by Jesus Christ to himself

[Eph.1:11-12] to the praise of his glory

You have been ordained to use your gift for the glory of God. You just need to “stir it up” [2Tim.1:1-6]

So how do you stir it up?

Commit to the Gospel [2 Tim.1:8]– If your gift is for the benefit of His body, the church, then to find it or stir it up you must commit to the work of the church first. Make yourself available.

Commit to his own purpose [2 Tim.1:9] –If you want to know what your gift is, then you must commit to His own purpose and NOT your own. Your Life is not about you, it’s about Him. When you commit to his purpose, he will then enable you through your gift to serve him, [1 Tim.1:12]

In review, when we got saved God gave us a spiritual gift. We have that gift to benefit His church. Our gifts differ from each other. We must stir up the gift that is in us, by committing to the gospel and to his own purpose. In the next few lessons we will explore the gifts and hopefully help you discover yours and help you to not neglect it.