Don’t Go That Way

Don’t Go That Way Isaiah 8:11-22 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Judah used the word “confederacy” to get the people in the country behind something that the leaders wanted to do.  They were wrong in the way that they wanted to go in their alliance with Assyria and Isaiah knew it.  So, God told Isaiah not to go that way and told him to not even use the word “confederacy.”

Today, folks want you to go along with them and they use words to identify the way they are going.

Don’t go with their sayings – Judah used the word “confederacy” – folks today use words like:

  • Economy – while the economy is in trouble, the trouble is not the economy – the trouble is that many have turned their backs on God in this country – you can’t fix the economy and fix what’s wrong with this country.  The Bible word for this trouble is “covetousness.”  People are hording silver and gold to prepare for the collapse.  But Jesus gave us Matt 6:33 as our way to ensure that we have our necessities.
  • Diversity – this is the word on college campuses – God is not into this kind of diversity and this kind of diversity despises the God of the Bible – the right word for what colleges are producing today is “confusion.”
  • Evolution – this is the false science of today [1 Tim6:20] – the most that can be scientifically demonstrated is “adaptation.”  This concentration on evolution has come from a generation which has fulfilled Rom 1:20-28 – a generation that does not like to retain God in their knowledge, that will not glorify God and that is not thankful – they profess to be wise but they are fools.

Don’t go with their snares –Judah ensnared themselves when they made a confederacy with Assyria – they got out of the immediate danger of the Syrians and Israel, but they were then obligated to Assyria who later came and attacked them.  The world thinks they are smart with their catchy words but they are ensnared in their ignorance for failing to acknowledge the truth – and now they ill be taken captive by the devil at his will.

Don’t go with their spirits –Judah inquired by the familiar spirits indicating that they had a major spiritual problem.  Likewise our country has been influenced by evil spirits and is in great spiritual trouble with God.  There is no light in anything they profess.

Don’t go with their swearing –Judah ended up cursing God when they got in trouble.  Likewise our country is profiting by taking the name of God in vain and by using the name of Jesus as an expletive.  If you don’t believe just watch aHollywood movie.  Don’t talk like they talk!!

Conclusion: the Lord has a word “Sanctification,” [v.13] – let him sanctify you in salvation – separate yourself unto him and let him separate you from this wicked world and its vocabulary.