Do You Rule Your Own Spirit?

Do You Rule Your Own Spirit?

Prov. 25:28


Solomon says that if you don’t rule your own spirit, you are like a “city that is broken down, and without walls”. That is not good. You are disorganized, and unprotected. None of us would choose to live in a city such as this, yet we live our lives like a broken down city without walls! Do you rule your own spirit or are you easily provoked to misuse of your mouth, swift to anger, or even prone to a haughty spirit? If you are married, your spouse can answer that question very easily. Your friends and relatives are a good source for answers. Usually we are not very good at self-diagnosis.


Prov.16:2             The Lord weights our spirits, because we think our ways are clean.

2 Cor.7:1              Yes your spirit can be filthy, and needs to be cleansed.

Prov.16:32           Ruling your spirit will help you be slow to anger, James 1:19 slow to wrath

Ps. 106:32-33     Moses “spake unadvisedly with his lips” because they provoked his spirit (context – Numbers 20:7-13, he smote the rock twice) There is a connection between your spirit and your mouth.

James 3                Entire chapter about your tongue

Prov.15:4, that unruly evil shows a “breach in the spirit”

Eph.4:29-32        The progression that takes place:

  1. Bitterness – it’s inside, unseen, just like a root – Heb.12:15
  2. Wrath – That’s when you get mad about it
  3. Anger – Now it starts to show on the outside!
  4. Clamour – Then voices begin to get elevated
  5. Evil speaking – Start saying bad things, some not true, none can be undone or unsaid.
  6. Malice – this is when it becomes physical

Prov. 13:10          The source of this contention is Pride, not ruling your spirit

Prov. 16:18          Stay clear of a haughty spirit!    Prov. 16:19, Stay low

Prov. 29:23          Pride will bring you low (not a good low), but honour comes with humility

Prov. 18:12          Before honour is humility, a humble spirit will guard your mouth and bring your honour.

Prov. 17:27          You need knowledge and understanding to have an “excellent spirit”

Prov.9:10            The fear of the Lord, and knowledge of the Holy (your bible) Spend time each day with the                                     Lord to make adjustments to your spirit, rule your own spirit

1 John 1:7            The blood of Christ will cleanse your spirit!