Do you have a Destination?

Do you have a Destination?

Acts 18:19-21

Paul had a destination, Jerusalem. Do you have a destination? Do you know where you would like to be a day, or month or year, or ten years from now? You will never get there if you don’t know where there is.

Paul restated his destination over and over, Acts 19:21, 20:16, He had a plan, what about you?

Where are you going?

  • Do you want to go to heaven? Or do you think you will figure something out as needed? If heaven is, your destination then you better take care of securing that ticket today!
  • I just returned from a three-day backpacking trip in the mountains. How well do you think that trip would have turned out if I didn’t have a clue where I was going?
  • How about the next time you want to go on vacation just go to the airport and ask the person at the counter for a ticket. They will most certainly ask you for a destination, but you just answer anywhere will do.
  • Many of you are wandering through your youth with no predetermined destination and have no idea of where or how things are going to turn out.


What do you need to be doing today to get there?                                                                                                                                          John 14:1-3 Jesus went to prepare a place, preparation

  • I prepared for over a year for this backpacking trip.
  • Do you want to be married one day? Why not make or prepare yourself to be a really fine spouse today?
  • Do you want to be a parent on day? Why wait till you have children to learn what the Bible says about how to raise a child?
  • 9:10, Why not be the BEST_____________ (you fill in the blank) today, so that your hopes to excel in your chosen profession. You don’t wait around till you are promoted to work hard, you work hard so that you will be promoted.


Don’t Stop.

  • On my backpack trip I had prepared and had full knowledge of my destination. I had prayed and felt good about my relationship and fellowship with the Lord. Yet one critical problem was always before me. I was the weak link; I could have chosen to stop or quit at any time! The Lord was not going to carry me to the top of the mountain and back, I had to do my part.
  • You don’t stop unless God tells you to, Paul didn’t listen, Acts 20:22-23, 21:4, 11-14.
  • Never say never, Peter, Matt.26:30-35, Jn.13:1-9
  • You may need to change your destination to fit God’s plans.
  • You stay in the will of God, day by day, and he will make the desires of your heart fit His will, and you will delight in it. Ps.37:1-4