Do These All The Day, Ps 25:5

There are just a few places in our Bible where we find the phrase “all the day”.  These verses give us instruction on what we should be doing everyday throughout the day.

Actively wait on the Lord – Ps 25:5.  To wait on the Lord is to attend as a servant.  Notice that the Psalmist wrote, shew me thy ways, teach me thy paths, and lead me in thy truth.  These are requests to know what to do, and how and when to do it.  IN this way he could wait on the Lord all the day.

In Matt 20:6 the householder went out about the eleventh hour and asked “Why stand ye here all the day idle”?  Many Christians are idle in their walk with the Lord.  To avoid this, actively wait on the Lord.

Vocally praise and honour the Lord – Ps 71:8.  When you praise and honour the Lord all the day, your attitude and words testify of your salvation.  Today at the dentist, the hygienist commented that I had such a positive attitude.  I replied that years ago I had trusted Jesus as my Savior and he had changed me.  The man sitting in this chair is not the man I was back then. 

I just finished the audio book, “Alvin York: A New Biography of the Hero of the Argonne.  In this book, the author stated that York gave all the glory to God for his heroic acts on Oct 8, 1918.  York praised the Lord for this every time he spoke of it.

Vocally shew forth his righteousness and salvation – Ps 71:15.  York used the opportunity to witness to many people about his saving faith in Jesus Christ.  Likewise, at the dentist office, I was able to witness to the hygienist.   My first reply to praise the Lord opened a conversation about Jesus and a witness of his salvation.

Lovingly meditate on God’s words – Ps 119:97.  Keep your mind on God’s words all the day.  They are fitting for every situation and every conversation throughout every day.   How much better to meditate on these words than to fret over world affairs and personal worries.