The Desirability of Biblical Wisdom Prov. 3:13-26

The Desirability of Biblical Wisdom Prov. 3:13-26 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Biblical wisdom comes from the Bible.  There are several of its benefits described in Prov 3 which make it desirable.  Wisdom is desirable because of its:

Preciousness – Prov 3:13-15 – Biblical wisdom is more precious than rubies.  We talk of precious metals because of their high value compared to all other metals.  We talk precious stones because of their beauty and rarity.  Wisdom is more precious than these.  In other words, it is worth your time and effort to acquire it and when you have it you will have something more precious than gold, silver and rubies.

Prolongation – Prov 3:16 – length of days is in her right hand.  Wisdom was here before the earth was made.  Wisdom will be here when all the elements melt with a fervent heat and God makes a new heaven and a new earth.  Wisdom is timeless.  Therefore, those who have it lengthen their days.  You get more out of each day and you get more days.

Prosperity – Prov 3:16 – in her left hand riches.  You would have to have wisdom to understand that the riches of wisdom aren’t calculated and gauged on a financial statement.  They aren’t displayed like the accumulated assets of a successful career.  In 2 Sam 20:16-22 we see the inestimable riches of wisdom in the woman who spared the city of Abel from destruction.  No amount of wealth could have accomplished what she accomplished through wisdom.

Promotion – Prov 3:16 – Biblical wisdom promotes you to honour – [contrast Prov 3:35 where shame is the promotion of fools].  There is no greater example of the promotion of wisdom than the exaltation of Jesus Christ [Phil 2:5-11].  Through wisdom Jesus humbled himself on earth.  Now he has been exalted above everything and everyone in the entire universe.  The devil, on the other hand, corrupted his wisdom [Ezek 28:17].  Though he will gain the world, he will lose his soul.  Promotion comes from the Lord [Ps 75:6-7].

Pleasantness – Prov 3:17 – ways of pleasantness.  Men are lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God [2 Tim 3:4].  A man who truly desires pleasure would pursue wisdom, for in it there is more pleasure than in all the vanities of man combined.

Peace – Prov 3:17 – all the paths of Biblical wisdom are peace.  The longer I minister the more I am convinced that one of the greatest needs and desires of men is peace.  And yet it seems as unobtainable to individuals as it is to the nations in the Middle East.  Peace is found in wisdom.

Protection – Prov 3:23-25 – with Biblical wisdom you walk safely, are not afraid, have sweet sleep, and are not afraid of sudden fear. Biblical wisdom offers more protection that all of the safety devices invented by men.

Conclusion: Prov 3:22 life unto thy soul, greatest protection of all is eternal life in Jesus Christ who is precious and through whom we prolong our lives for eternity, we prosper, we are promoted as children of God, we have pleasantness, we have peace and we have protection.  Receive Jesus today.