Deceived with Vain Words Eph. 5:6-7

Deceived with Vain Words Eph. 5:6-7 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Deceived with Vain Words

The world has made many words that we use “vain” or worthless. Basically they have changed the definition to mean exactly the opposite.[Isa.5:20], they call evil good and good evil!
Fundamental – Pertaining to the foundation or basis: Hence, essential; important; as a fundamental truth or principle.
I have not problem proclaiming that I am a Fundamental Christian. I completely believe the fundamentals of our faith, salvation by faith plus nothing, eternal security, heaven, hell, etc.
Today’s definition: A person who takes their religion so literally and to such extremes that they contradict the very basis of their faith. They typically believe in a literal, verbatim interpretation of their scripture. They also have ridiculous, childish defenses to intelligent criticism of their beliefs that border on insanity. The level of hypocrisy and stupidity most of these people exhibit is truly profound.
Gay – Merry; jovial; sportive; frolicsome. It denotes more life and animation than cheerful.
Today’s Definition : An abomination to God!

The power or capacity of enduring; the act of enduring; endurance.
The endurance of the presence or actions of objectionable persons, or of the expression of offensive opinions; toleration
The amount of variation allowed, i.e. tolerances allowed in manufacturing.
The World’s definition of tolerance is “you are not allowed to disagree with me because that makes you judgmental.”
A. [Matt 7:1-2] We can judge if it is according to the Bible or Jesus Christ [Acts 17:31] B. [Eph.5:11] We are to reprove sin
C. [Proverbs 19:11] We are to use discretion on when to tolerate or reprove
D. Our discretion is that “amount of variation allowed” but remember: [James 1:17] there is no variation with God. There are no grey areas in the Bible; it’s all black or white. We thank God for his tolerance, or longsuffering with us. [2Pet.3:9] E. [2Tim.4:2] longsuffering and doctrine, The world only wants longsuffering.

To bind by mutual agreement; to agree.
To adjust and settle by mutual concessions; to compound.
The World never compromises; we move toward it, we compromise our morals and faith.
Laban and Jacob – [Gen.30:25-43], they worked out a mutual agreement.

Agreement; accord; consent, of a group or council
The World says to use the lowest common denominator, majority rules.
Examples of how messed up you get when you act upon councils or mob rule: [Matt. 12:14, 26:59], [Mk. 15:1] Decisions in this church, in my house, and every other place are not made by consensus. We have an authority set up by God, remember [1Cor.11:1-3].

General; universal; as an ecumenical council
The World says “to promote unity among different religions aimed at universal Christian Church”.
Have you ever heard of the “One World Religion” that will come in the book of Revelation? It’s coming.
Remember [John 14:6], there is only one way. [Ephesians 4:5] “One Lord, one faith, one baptism,”
[1Tim.2:5] One God and One mediator

Just try to keep in mind the real definition of each of these words and not let the world alter them. You have the truth, your Bible. Read it, Study it, Believe it, and Live it. [Rev.1:1-3]