Deal With Your Sin

Deal With Your Sin

[Rom.3:23] For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;
[Rom.3:10] As it is written, There is none righteous, no not one:

Jesus Christ dealt with our sin, on the cross, as it pertains to eternal life and the penalty of death
[Rom.5:12] We are born condemned because of our sin
[Rom.6:23] Because of the gift of God, we can have eternal life
[1Jn.5:11-13] God has given us eternal life through his son
[2Cor.5:12] Jesus paid the eternal price for your sin, past, present, and future

But we still sin, and we must deal with it. The cross did not exempt you from your sin.

How God views your sin
[Heb.12:5-11] He will chastise you as father does his son, with the purpose of yielding the peaceable fruit of righteousness.
[Gal.6:7-8] He will allow you to reap according to what you have sown.

How can you deal with your sin?

1) [Jn.8:11] Call it what it is, SIN. Accept responsibility for your sin. You will never correct the problem until you own up to the fact that it is your fault. [1Cor.11:31-32] Judge yourself.

2) [2Cor.7:1] You must cleanse yourself, You got to do something about it!
a. [1Cor.10:13] God has made a way to escape!
b. [Ps.119:9-11] The Word of God
c. [Matt.4, Lk.4] Jesus used scripture to withstand the temptations of the devil
d. [Jn.15:3] Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken to you.

3) [2Cor.10:5] You must control your thoughts, sin begins in your mind. [Gen.6:5/8:21] the imagination of a man’s heart. [Mark 7:21-23] comes from within. [Heb.9:14] Purge your conscience with the Blood of Christ, “plead the blood”, and get it purged.

4) [Rom.13:14] You must control your flesh, don’t make provision for it! [Rom.6:6-13] Don’t allow your flesh to control you. Yield to righteousness not to sin.

5) [1Jn.1] You must control your fellowship with God, by confessing your sin. [Prov.28:13]

6) [2Cor.7:8-11] Repentance due to a Godly sorrow, A change in mind, that causes a change in heart, that causes a change in direction.

God has forgiven your sin as it pertains to eternal life. He is holy and does not accept the sin that you continue to commit. He provides his power and strength to help you defeat sin, take him up on it.
[Gal.5:16-25] [Rom.8:1-8]