Cursing the Ruler

Cursing the Ruler


                Thou shall not revile the gods, nor curse the ruler of thy people. It has become common place to curse or revile our leaders. Parents, employers, political leaders, husbands, and pastors are all targets, and are shot at constantly. The news media promotes it, social media promotes it, and our current society takes it for granted. God says do not do it. Paul was guilty of it in Acts 23:1-5, but acted as if he didn’t know he was the high priest to avoid being killed then and there. Let’s look at what the Bible says about our conduct towards authority.

Romans 13 gives instructions to “every soul” not just the saved, to be subject to the higher powers. The context here is authority or who’s in charge?

  • Verse 1, God is in charge, and all the powers that be are ordained of God.
    • The “chain of command” , From God the Father to God the Son – [Matt.28:18]
    • Christ dispensed the power to His Disciples – [Luke 24:49] Spiritual power
    • [Lk.4:5-6] Satan has taken all temporal power as the result of Adam’s fall. Satan is in charge of this present world system. There is a spiritual kingdom that rules over the physical kingdoms of this world, example in Daniel chapter 10.
    • Jesus eventually regains power over everything, [Rev.11:15]
    • For now God uses the rulers of this world to accomplish His will, scary huh?
  • Verse 2, we are to obey the powers that be.
    • If you resist the power or authority, you are resisting God.
    • When you exceed the speed limit, you break the law of the land and sin against God.
    • So far, the law of the land has not caused you to break any law of God, even though it has allowed others to, abortion, same sex marriage, etc.
    • When the time comes that the law of the land causes you to break one of Gods laws, then you should obey God rather than man, [Acts 5:29].
  • Verse 3, there is no need to be afraid unless you break the law.
    • Do you hit the brakes every time you see a police officer? No need if you don’t speed.
    • If you choose the break the law, you have every right to be afraid, that is how it should work.
  • Verse 4, generally the laws of the land, for the most part, are there to protect you from evil, or to keep you safe.
    • Traffic signs are a great thing!
    • Laws should keep the bad guy from getting you.
  • Verse 5, you should be subject not just for fear of wrath, but for conscience sake.
    • You ought to obey authority to have a good conscience toward God, [Acts 24:16]
    • I have learned to obey God, not because his wrath, but because I love him and never want to hurt or disappoint him. Pray your children would honor you that way also.
  • Verse 6, we should pay our taxes.
    • You are not required to like them, just pay them.
    • Do you like having a fire department available to save your home? Your taxes pay for it.
  • Verse 7, Render to all their dues
    • Tribute, because of the services rendered they are due the tax money
    • Custom, because of the position, you are to act a certain way around them
    • Fear, because of the position and power a healthy fear is due them
    • Honour, [1 Peter 2:17] sometime that means putting the office over the person
  • Verse 8-10, owe no man anything, but love one another
    • Of course it means your taxes, etc.
    • Do you owe anyone fear?
    • Do you owe anyone respect?
    • Do you owe anyone honour?
    • Do you owe anyone love?
    • Do you owe anyone an apology?
    • Do you owe anyone forgiveness?
    • Take care of these and fulfill the law.

God does not want us to be cursing our rulers; he wants to be subject to the powers that be. Don’t participate in the vocal, social, or any other type of cursing the ruler.