God Makes Crooked Things Straight

In Ecc 1:15, Solomon wrote, “That which is crooked cannot be made straight”.  Of course, he was talking about things “under the sun”.  Nothing can make crooked things straight.  For example, rivers seen from the air meander and wind all over the place.  Mesquite limbs are always crooked and cannot be straightened.  Our problem is that we get so used to seeing crooked things that don’t get straightened out, we become discouraged when something crooked affects our lives.

However, in Is 42:16, the Lord said, “I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight”.  He said this regarding things he will do when he returns to earth at his Second Advent.  The mountains will be made low, valleys shall be exalted, the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain, Is 40:4.  He can and does make crooked things straight.  Consider the following:

Joseph’s slavery.  The Lord straightened out this mess in a way that only he could.  Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers who envied him.  Then he was imprisoned on a false accusation from his master’s wife.  And then he was forgotten by the baker whose dream he interpreted.  Ultimately, he was called out of prison to interpret Pharaoh’s dream and give him counsel concerning the coming years of plenty and drought.  And he was elevated to the second highest position of authority in Egypt.  From this place of power he was able to save his brothers’ lives.  And he said God did this.  God, as only God can do, made these crooked things straight.  He certainly straightened out this mess.

Naomi’s tragic losses.  Naomi’s husband foolishly took his family to Moab to escape a drought in Bethlehem-judah.  While they were there, her husband died, as did her two sons.  When Naomi returned to her people with her daughter-in-law, Ruth, she was destitute and bitter.  Nevertheless, through miraculous circumstances, Ruth ended up married to Boaz, her deceased husband’s kin.  And she became the great grandmother of King David.  God, as only God can do, made these crooked things straight.

David’s adultery.  What David did with Bathsheba and to Uriah, her husband, was crooked.   It cost him dearly in the death of their son and three of his other sons.  Nevertheless, the Lord, in his mercy, gave David and Bathsheba more sons, one of whom was Solomon.  God made these crooked things straight that David had done.  He straightened out a huge mess.

Conclusion: everyone of these problems took time to straighten out.  Everyone of these involved many tears.  Everyone of these looked hopeless.  They looked like Solomon observed in Ecc 1:15, that which is crooked cannot be made straight.  But God was able to bring good out of bad.  God made the crooked things straight.  And God will make the crooked things in your life straight, as well.  Give him time to get this done.