Creation Lesson #12

Creation Lesson #12

Who are these sons of God (Genesis 6:1-7)

In these verses of Genesis 6 we will see the degeneration of mankind and the reason for the flood that God sends to destroy mankind from off the earth. But we also see the sons of God mentioned in the text. There is debate in the theological world as to whom or what these sons of God really are. Therefore in this lesson we will spend some time showing scripturally just what these characters are and their relation to man and the flood.

Verses 1-4 :

Now most will teach that the sons of God in this passage are the descendants of Seth representing a godly line and the daughters of men are the daughters of Cain representing an ungodly line. Now when compared with the word of God this teaching will not hold up. We will list a few reasons why.

  • If the sons of Seth were godly why did God destroy them in the flood?
  • Why would the sons of Seth marrying the daughters of Cain produce giants in the earth?
  • Note also that these giants are said to be in the days of the flood and also after that (Vs. 4) Now the only people who survived the flood were Noah and his wife and his 3 sons and their wives. So if these giants came from sons of Seth marrying daughters of Cain how did the giants show up after the flood as in Numbers 13:23 ; Deuteronomy 2:9-11 ; Joshua 17:15 ; 1 Samuel 21:16-17 .

So if the sons of God are not sons of Seth then what are they? The term sons of God in the Old Testament is always a reference to angels. So then the sons of God here in this passage are fallen angels that came down and Married the daughters of men and therefore the result of that union was giants in the land. Now for some that may seem far stretched but now we will list some scriptures to back this up.

  • Note in verse 2 that God distinguishes between the sons of God and daughters of Cain as if they are not the same beings.
  • Again in verse 3 we see God distinguishing between the sons of God and daughters of men. Note the phrase “for that he is flesh also”.
  • In Job 38:4-7 we see the sons of God shouted for joy at the creation of the earth. So they were present before even Seth was born.
  • In Job 1:6 and Job 2:1 the sons of God present themselves before the Lord and notice that Satan is with them. ( Now if the sons of God are supposed to represent a godly line of mankind then why was Job not present with them before the Lord, as you see that teaching just will not hold up)
  • In Jude 6-7 we see that there are angels who kept not their 1st estate and they are no reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.
  • Every time and angel appears in the word of God he is a male.
  • Now some will argue that angels are sexless according to Matthew 22:30. The passage does not say at all that angels are sexless it says that “in heaven” they neither marry nor are given in marriage. In heaven they would not marry because they are all male.
  • Some will also ask the question what about Isaiah 43:6. Note the terms used there are sons plural and daughters plural and are plainly a reference to the nation of Israel. Now the nation of Israel is collectively as a whole referred to as the son of God, but remember that the nation of Israel is not even present as a nation in Genesis 6.

Therefore in the Old Testament the sons of God are going to be angels. Now what about in the New Testament? That is different because after the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ it is possible for a person to be born again and become a son of God. (John 1:12-13 & 1 John 3:1) But remember that no one could be born again until after the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 1:3)

(As an aside it is true that Adam is called the son of God in Luke 3:38 but remember that he was created in the image of God which is Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 4:4) and was sinless before he ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. After he sinned he lost the image of God and we are in his fallen image until the new birth takes place and we become a son God.)

Verses 5-7 :

In these verses we see the reason for the flood that destroys mankind from off the earth, except for Noah and his family of course. Now it is interesting to note that in Luke 17:26-28 it says that it will be like the days of Noah once again in the day’s right before and during the tribulation.

What was the number one problem with man before the flood? His imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. This is the same problem that mankind has today, his heart and mind is on evil continually and if you don’t believe that just read the paper, watch TV, or go out in public. Here are some important verses that the Bible gives about the heart.

  • Proverbs 4:23 (Out of the heart are the issues of life)
  • Jeremiah 17:9 (The heart is deceitful and desperately wicked)
  • Mark 7:21-23 (The things that defile a man come from the heart)

Because of man’s wickedness it repented the Lord that he had made man. When it says that it repented the Lord it is referring to God changing his mind. Now from verse 7 we see that the flood that is going to come will be a universal flood and not just a local flood.


Creation Lesson #12 Handout

Who are these sons of God (Genesis 6:1-7)

1)  List some reason for why the sons of God and the daughters men in this passage are not the sons of Seth and the daughters of Cain.


2)  Who are the sons of God in this passage?


3)  List some reasons with scripture as to why the sons of God in the Old Testament are angels, and the ones in this passage are fallen angels who married the daughters of men.


4)  What had to happen so that man could be born again and become a son of God? Give reference.


5)  Why did God destroy mankind with the flood?


6)  What do we see from verse 7 in regards to Noah’s flood?