Convenient for Me

Convenient for Me



According to the words of Agur, he wanted to be fed with food that is convenient for him. The definition is “suitable for your purposes or needs, and causing the least difficulty”. Pizza delivery at home, drive thru windows, fast food joints, all fit that definition because they are suitable for our purposes or needs and cause the least difficulty. We normally seek out those.

Acts 24:22-27     Often we too put off something God wants us to do because it’s not convenient.

  • Folks don’t get saved. They know that it is suitable for their purposes or needs, but at the time they don’t because of pride, embarrassment, not wanting to stop their sin, or may think that they need to clean up before getting saved. All of these excuses are far more difficult to accomplish than just trusting Jesus. So they say it is not convenient to do it now when in reality it is the most convenient thing to do!
  • Christians use the same thought process when it comes to giving up their favorite sin!


Rom.1:17-32       Some folks put off something God wants them to stop doing for too long.

  • At this point God will turn you over to, uncleanness, vile affections, and a reprobate mind. In verse 28 he says “to do those things which are not convenient”. Remember the definition? God now has you doing what is NOT suitable for your purposes or needs and CAUSES the most difficulty.
  • 13:15 “the way of transgressors is hard”
  • 13:21 “Evil pursueth sinners”
  • To stop doing what God wants you to do is really very convenient!


Jer.40:1-6            Doing right allows us the freedom to do what is convenient for ourselves.

  • Jeremiah served and obeyed God his whole life. Now when Israel’s fate was determined and times were bad, God allowed Jeremiah to be blessed.
  • Jeremiah did then and would tell us today that obeying God is the path to the least difficulty.


Luke 10:25-37     How about doing something God wants you to do that is NOT convenient?

  • Was it convenient for this Samaritan to stop and render aid, seek help, and pay for his care?
  • He went out of his way for this stranger.
  • When is the last time you went out of your way to do something that would please God?
  • Jesus Christ went far beyond what we deserve to provide salvation and forgiveness for you, it was not very convenient for him.